Yoga For Beginners – 40 Minute Home Yoga Workout

Yoga For Beginners – 40 Minute Home Yoga Workout

Hey everyone, welcome to Yoga With Adrien,
I am Adrien, and today we have a great practice, Yoga for Beginners. This is a wonderful practice
if you’re wanting to get into yoga or you’re returning to the mat. Today we’re going to
focus on foundation as a way to grow flexibility and create space in the body. So if you like
this video and you have a good experience or you want to return to the video, you can
click the “Add to” tab below and add it to your favorites so you can find it easy and
return to the practice and see how the body changes and how the practice evolves. But for now, hop into something comfy and
let’s do foundation and flexibility. Alright, so we’re going to begin in a cross
legged position. You can take a blanket or a pillow folded up and set up so you can sit
up nice and tall if you have it, if you don’t, don’t worry about it. Just take a second to
sort of ground down through the sit bones, whatever that means to you and roll up through
the spine. So you might drop your chin to your chest and you might take a nice conscious
mindful moment, maybe this is the first conscious mindful moment like this of the day to roll
up through the staircase of the spine, maybe loop the shoulders up and back. And then find
some space. That’s the goal of today, is to find, create space in the body. So just sit
up nice and tall here, you can close your eyes, take a moment to just trust yourself
not looking at the video as we sit up nice and tall. And take a nice breath in and find
a nice long exhale out. Again, trust yourself here. You can close
your eyes and just listen to the sound of my voice here as we sit up nice and tall,
lengthening through the crown. Grounding down through the sit bones, softening or relaxing
the jaw here. Just noticing if you’re clenching there or anywhere, softening and relaxing.
Deepening the breath. See if you can give yourself permission to just be in the moment.
This is easier said than done, I understand and acknowledge that. So just give yourself
permission to be in the moment, be with this video. Know that the to-do list and the doing
and the tasks that are on our list will definitely still be there when we’re done with our video.
When we’re done with this practice. Couple more moments here just noticing the breath
and again just giving yourself permission to just be in the moment, to be on the mat,
to take this time for yourself. And you can keep the eyes closed here as we
draw the chin to the chest, we’re just going to check in with the neck. So drawing a couple
of circles with the nose. And then reversing the circle. You might notice a little soundtrack
of crunchiness back and forth as you rock the head. And we’re just kind of setting the
tone, creating a vocabulary for our practice today which is going to be find what feels
good. Listen to your body and make the most of each breath, each moment, so that when
you step off the mat and into the rest of your day, into the art of doing and the to-do
lists and the tasks, you feel a little bit more at ease, a little bit more spacious,
at peace. Alright, couple more breathes here. And then
we’ll bring the head back to center and draw the shoulders up towards the earlobes, take
a deep breath in and on the exhale draw them down and away. Two more just like that, shoulders
lift up, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze. And on an exhale drawing the shoulders down and away.
One more, we inhale, draw the shoulders up to the ears, and exhale, drawing the shoulder
blades in together and down the back. Awesome, draw your palms together at your heart, take
a deep breathe in. Exhale, open your mouth, let it go. Inhale, lift the sternum to the
thumbs, exhale out through the mouth. One more just like that, as if you’re fogging
up a window, deep breath, and exhale, let it go. Awesome. Releasing the fingertips gently to your sides,
we’re going to plant the left palm, inhale reach the right fingertips up and over. Pause
here for a couple breathes finding a nice spacious stretch in the side body, not clenching
anywhere, but keeping that space between the left ear and the left shoulder. Then inhale,
smile, and exhale, swiftly move back through center and we’ll take it to the other side.
Think up and over, again, space as we press into the sit bones, find length in the neck.
So we’re not holding here, we’re not clenching. But again, setting the tone for our practice
and perhaps the rest of our day to find what feels good. To move how you see fit and to
really connect the body to the breath. Great. Inhale in. Smile, follow your breath back
to center and we’re going to spread the fingertips super, super wide and dive forward onto all
fours. If you’re sitting on a blanket or a pillow you can now move it to the side and
we’ll come to all fours for a little Cat Cow. And just remember, the foundation is that
which is touching the mat or the earth, so we’re going to pay attention to our foundation
now right away, pressing into the top of the feet, pressing into the palms and press the
earth away. Now just take a second here to rock front and back. Just notice when you
start to get tired and collapse. And keep pressing the earth away, again paying attention
to our foundation here. And then when you feel satisfied, release the floodgates open
and we’ll begin a little Cat Cow. So inhaling, heart radiates forward, belly drops, we feel
the stretch, you can move a little bit in the neck, in the tail. Again, setting the
tone for our practice that we’re going to find organic movement here and not be so rigid,
stuck. No rules. Take a deep breathe in here and then on an exhale rather than just wham,
creating this rainbow shape or this N shape, start at your tailbone, see if you can just
crawl up the spine. Slowly, again, just connecting to the sensations, and then we can find a
little rock, front and back, if it feels good. Alright, let’s continue inhaling, looping
the shoulders, dropping the belly, got a little Zenned out there, opening the heart towards
the frontage of the mat. And then exhale. Pay attention to your foundation as we move
here, maybe check in with the knees, top of the feet, press into the knuckles. Inhale,
finding a little breath and movement synchronicity. Then exhale, navel draws up and we stretch
the back. Cool. One more in your own time. Awesome. Then we’ll come back to tabletop position.
We’re going to bring the two big toes together and bring the knees as wide as the mat. Great.
Inhale, loop the shoulders, heart radiates forward and exhale and send it back. Extended
Child’s Pose. Feel the legs. Stretch here, forehead comes to the mat, breath. On your
exhale you might allow the weight of the heart to melt down towards the earth. And again,
just pay attention to your foundation even here. That which is touching the earth. Then
on your next breath in, draw a line with your nose, look forward, we’re going to shift our
weight forward, just as you did before, Cat Cow variation here, but pressing up and out
of the foundation, so we’re not just collapsing in here. We’re pressing up out of the earth.
Again, learning how to use our foundation to support, to gain more flexibility and space
in the body. Take a deep breathe in, follow your breath, your exhale as you round it back
again to that extended Child’s Pose. Then inhale, heart scoops forward, we breath in
and exhale, send it back. One more just like that. We inhale, pressing all ten knuckles,
the palms are going to want to get tired here, they probably are already, so just keep a
nice awareness on the foundation, on an exhale send it back. Cool. Now we’ll lift the palms up and bring
them together, bring them up and over the head kind of like a little shark fin here.
Then I’m going to calm my elbows out, finding a nice space in the side body, breathing into
the arms and shoulders. Now you can find the little rock in the ribcage here, back and
forth. And if the forehead is not yet touching the earth, the shoulders are too tight, you
can bring the blanket here, just kind of lift the earth up to you. Or you can just stay
mindful, let it hover here. One more breath cycle in and out, deepest breath you’ve taken
all day. Awesome. Then we’ll bring the palms back down, draw the navel up towards the spine,
again, nice integrated movement as we transition always. Back to all fours. Great, so we’re going to take a second here
to press away from the earth again, press on the tops of the feet, and just check in
with one hovering Cat. Some might say that’s not a beginner’s pose, but it really is a
great way to check in with this line from the crown of the head to the tip of the tailbone
and it also is an excellent way to again get this kind of — our theme for our practice
today, building from the ground up foundations. So press away from the earth again, make sure
you have your alignment, wrists underneath the shoulders, knees directly underneath the
hips. And then we’re going to let the knees hover. Now the first thing that’s probably
going to want to go is the neck, so keep your gaze straight down and in front, perhaps just
ahead and between your two index fingers. Draw the shoulders away from the ears, navel
up towards the spine and just notice how the body get tired here, but how we can support
it by continueing to press up and out of the foundation, by wrapping awareness through
all parts of the body and of course keeping a good attitude. One more breathe here, awesome
everyone. Then exhale, lower the knees, great, curl the toes under and walk the fingers up
towards the tops of the thighs. Cool. Take a second here to inhale, loop the shoulders
forward up and back, sit your weight back down on your heels and breath into the feet. Nice long, smooth deep breaths. And if this
is too much you can lift up for a break or two, but we’re going to take one more breath
here on the feet. Then we’ll spread the palms super wide, again, nice mindful, hand to earth
connection. Dive forward. Great. With the toes already curled under, I’m going to keep
the knees bent, melt my heart back, and as if someone is lifting you up from your tail,
like a momma would do to a baby cub or something, we’re going to lift up from the tail. So keep
the knees bent, lift the tail up, come into a nice first Downward Dog of the practice,
take a deep breathe in, and then exhale, slowly lower the knees. Just like that, one more
time as if someone was lifting you up from your tail. Pedal it out now, bending the knees
one and then another, draw your shoulders away from the ears. Take a deep breath in
through the nose. And then exhale, once again, slow descend back down to all fours. Cool.
Bring the two big toes together again, widen the knees as wide as your mat. Cool. Now we’re going to walk the palms in, bring
the right palm to the center line. So again, playing with our foundation, there’s this
tendency to collapse into the wrists, the arms, this is why we all say, “I can’t do
yoga because I have bad wrists” but actually you can do yoga and your wrists need your
time and attention and love. Probably more than you know. So here we go, pressing up
out of the earth here, just practice that. Finding that openness in the chest and the
heart. Again, pressing away. Pressing into all knuckles and really the mound of that
thumb and that index finger pressing into the earth. Cool. Inhale, open up through the
left wing, left arm reaches up towards the sky. We’re going to do three of these. Open
the chest, and then exhale back to center. Don’t collapse here, keep pressing away. What’s
happening to the tops of the feet? Pressing up and out of your foundation as we open up
again. Doesn’t have to open up all the way, it might only come to here if you’re new to
the practice, or maybe even to here. So just ride your beautiful wave as you inhale open,
exhale close. And one more, we inhale open, keep pressing away from the earth and exhale
close. Awesome. Walk the palms in front, send it back for a rest. Extended Child’s Pose. Rising back up on the inhale, we’re going
to do the same thing on the other side. So bringing the left palm into the center line
now, taking a second to press up and out of the foundation, again, check in with the tops
of the feet. Cool. Inhale opening up to our twist, opening the chest, the heart, we reach
right fingertips up towards the sky. I seriously doubt I was able to bring my range of motion
all the way here when I was new to the practice, so again, it might come here, it might come
here, it might come here, but we’re not collapsing, we’re opening up, pressing away from the earth.
On an exhale, float it down and we’ll do two more of these. Inhale. Don’t forget about
the tops of the feet. One more, keep extension through the crown. And exhale, float it down.
Awesome. Walk the palms in front, draw the knees back underneath the hip points, curl
the toes under and again, as if someone was lifting you up from your tail. Here we go.
Now we pedal the feet here. So there’s no rush to get to the Yoga Journal ad, that’s
ridiculous. No offense to Yoga Journal. Just saying no need to create a shape you’ve seen
before, create your own shape and sensation and I promise you will find some juicy rewards
in yoga asana practice. Pedal it out. One more deep breath in, you’ve
got this, and then exhale, another slow descent down to the knees. Awesome. Great. So we’re
going to come to the tops of the feet here, just for a little stability and I’m going
to send my right toes all the way out. Take a deep breath here to point and flex the feet,
just stretch that right leg, you might even rotate the right ankle one way and then the
other. Notice if you’re collapsing into your arms, press away. Then nice and slow draw
your right knee all the way up and we’re going to slowly place our right foot — so I only
say slowly so that we’re not just like, whoa, because that happens and it’s natural. So
just trying to gain a little awareness here in the beginning stages of our practice and
so we can do it always. Right? So bringing that right knee up slowly and placing it up
in front. Cool. Take a second to just kind of make sure you’re on two skis rather than
a tightrope. Give yourself some space, we’ll draw the fingertips to the waist line, press
down with the thumbs to lift your heart up. So nice strong front leg there. Cool. Now
just notice that that front leg is over that front ankle or perhaps lagging behind, see
if you can stack that front knee above that front ankle. Great. Then take your right thumb
and pull the right hip crease back, in fact that might change your stance, pulling it
a little bit shorter than you were before. If you’re feeling like this left knee is going
jazz hands then jazz knee, then you can double up on your mat here or once again you can
use your blanket to pad. I have double mats today, so I’m good on my knee. So we’ve pulled
the right hip crease back, we’ve lifted up through the heart and then we’re just going
to take a second to breath here. Notice when you feel like, whoa, hugging your thighs together,
stand up nice and tall through the crown of the head and once again use your foundation. So there’s definitely more than meets the
eye here, this isn’t like boring beginners pose. Hell no. Press into the top of that
back foot and feel that upward current of energy. So we’re definitely not trying to
make the practice rigid, but we are trying to find nice alignment and remind ourselves
that we can do a lot with the energetic body. So press up and out of your foundation. Find
this upward current of energy, this lift, kind of like a superhero here as we open the
chest. Then you can stay here for stability or you can test your balance a little bit
by reaching the fingertips forward, up and back. So we’re pulling the thumbs back, there’s
no need to be tight here, you can open it nice and wide. Great. If you’re feeling adventurous my friend,
you might look up, slowly drawing the focus up to the sky. And this is a great place to
test your balance, find that foundation, pressing into that ball joint of your front big toe.
Pressing into the back foot and again maintaining that beautiful upward current of energy. Cool.
One more breath here, then exhale slowly float the fingertips down, send the fingertips forward.
We’re going to pull the back toes under, this should feel great as we lift that back knee,
yeah, baby and come into our runner’s lunge. Take a second here to just move it out. Might
find a little movement rocking front, back, any organic movement, side to side. Then checking
in with your alignment. Breathing into the tight places, kind of rocking or lingering
into any place that needs a little love. Cool. Then inhale, everyone look forward, become
light on the fingertips, and exhale, plant the palms and step it back to your Downward
Facing Dog. Nice and slow. Three breathes here in and out. And then slowly lowering
the knees back to the earth. Great. Here we go again, now on the other side. Come
on to the tops of the feet nice and strong, send the left toes out long. Nothing fancy
here, just checking in with that sit bone to heel connection. Pointing and flexing the
foot, maybe rotating the ankle one way and then the other. And then bending that left
knee and nice and slow. And I only say slow so that we start to anchor in the power of
awareness. So nice and slow as we let that left foot up, if it doesn’t make it all the
way use your hand to find your shape. Again, not on a tightrope but nice and spacious here.
Cool, bring the fingertips to the waistline, press the thumbs to the back to lift your
heart up. Nice strong leg there. Feel free to pad that right knee. We’re going to take
the left thumb, whenever you’re ready and pull that hip crease back. Again you might
find that it shortens your stance a little bit here. Left hamstring parallel to the earth.
So now we have our shape, now we go beyond the shape because yoga is not just about the
shape shifting, that’s not fun, it’s not as fun. It’s not as rewarding. So we take a second
to lift the heart, and find that upward current of energy. We can do that by pressing into
the foundation. Nice and strong. Pressing into all four corners of that front foot.
We breath here. If we feel a little whoa, we can hug the inner thighs together, we can
use the openness in the heart and maybe ground a little weight down through the shoulder
blades or the elbows. So finding that opposition. You can stay here or reach the fingertips
forward, up and back again. You can take up as much space as you need to here. Breathing
deep, nice long smooth deep breaths. If you’re feeling adventurous, draw a line with your
nose, slowly look up. Hugging the inner thighs to the midline, chest is open. Take one more
breath in here, you’ve got this. Press into your feet, and on an exhale let it rain down,
wash it away, belly to the thigh, we come into our runner’s lunge. This is going to
feel good. Yeah. Cool, so take a second here to work it out,
rocking front, back, side to side, finding any organic movement that feels awesome to
you. Breathing into the front of that right hip crease, continuing to peel that left hip
crease whenever necessary, and of course just checking to make sure that front knee isn’t
straining past that front ankle too much. How’s your neck? Everyone check in with your
neck. Take a deep breath in, and then we’ll plant the palms and step it back to Downward
Dog once again. Pedal the feet. Now we’re going to go for a walk. So sowly
walking towards the front of our mat, but I encourage you to take this second to get
your money’s worth, find what feels good. Check in with the feet, can come up onto the
fingertips. Move nice and slow and then together we’ll land in a nice forward fold here. Right
guys? We’re doing good, let it all hang, bend your knees, grab your elbows and rock little
side to side. Keep returning back to your breath, nice long smooth deep breaths. We’ll
release the fingertips and bend the knees generously now as we draw the chin into the
chest and slowly roll it up. You can close your eyes for this, again just trust. What
we’re doing is we’re slowly rolling up to a standing posture, Mountain Pose. So give
yourself a little bit of freedom to close your eyes and check in with the body as we
roll up into Mountain. When you arrive loop your shoulders up and back again and bring
your awareness to the feet, now the foundation of this pose. Pressing away from the earth
by drawing energy up from the arches of the feet, you might lift the kneecaps a little.
Everyone can interpret this a little bit different, especially in the beginning stages of practice.
But, again, we often just kind of think about this part. It’s like, I’m an actor, a lot
of actors only think about acting from here up, but it’s a full body experience, right?
So start at your feet, pressing away from the earth, and just connecting to the shakti
or the energetic current that lifts up. And then really easy, we’re going to inhale, reach
the fingertips up, palms come together, and exhale, float the fingertips down and away.
Keeping awareness on the feet as you inhale, reach up, and exhale. Float the fingertips
and maybe now slightly behind the hip points. One more time, deep breath, press up out of
the earth, long spine. Exhale, fingertips interlaced behind the tailbone here. And we
can either keep the fingertips square if that feels right or we can bring the palms together.
So palms together might be a place that we work towards so anywhere in between too is
fine. Nothing fancy, just take a second here to rock a little side to side, to open the
chest, check in with the neck and the shoulders. Don’t lose sight, don’t lose awareness of
your foundation as we work it out here, opening, opening. And then with the awareness, with
a grace, almost with a bit of elegance we’ll release the fingertips. And inhale, reach
it up. Exhale soft bend in the knees as we dive forward all the way. Cool. Inhale, lift to a flat back position.
Today we’re going to slide the palms all the way to the top of the thighs, keep a soft
bend in the knees and return to the sensations we had perhaps in that hovering Cat. So again,
pressing away from the earth, drawing the shoulders away from the earlobes. One more
breath here, nice long beautiful neck, gaze is down for one more breath. And then slowly
we’ll slide the palms down the fronts of the legs, bring the fingertips to the mat and
step our right foot back to that runner’s lunge. Take a deep breath as you look forward
toward the front edge of your mat. On the exhale, slowly lower, soften that right knee
to the earth. Bring the right palm in line with the arch of the left foot here. Then
notice how we’re just collapsing everything in, I’m guilty of it, I’m doing it right now.
See if you can find a little integrity by again, bringing a little awareness to your
foundation, we’re going to press up and out of that right palm, even out of that left
foot. And then we’re going to come onto the top of that right foot and find a little awareness
there. Cool. Moving into a twist, I inhale slowly,
open up through the left wing and same thing as before, I’m not going to collapse in, but
I’m going to press up out of my foundation. So my inner thighs are hugging together, I’m
pressing into the earth, inhaling, exhale, float it down. Two more just like this, inhale,
pay attention to your foundation to float your pose. Exhale back to center. Last one,
inhale, soft, graceful fingertips here. And exhale, release. Awesome, everyone. Curl the
right toes under. We’ll come onto the fingertips, then we’re going to send the sit bones up
and back, straightening that left leg and keeping that left heel on the earth. So, most
of us might stay here, in fact I’m just going to stay here, you might find a little bit
of movement back and forth, you might allow the weight of the head to relax over. If you’re
not really feeling a deep stretch here, you might send it all the way back, right sit
bone to the heel, but otherwise I suggest for today keeping the hip points lifted and
pulling that left hip crease back. Again, weight of the head over. Couple breaths here.
Breathing into the back of that left leg. Then rolling through that left foot I’ll slowly
come back to my runner’s lunge. Yeah, baby. Lift that right knee. And look forward, deep
breath in. Awesome and exhale. Plant the palms, step it back to your Down Dog. And then we’ll
find a nice slow descent to the knees, back down, shift our weight forward to our half
plank. So this might take a little bit of adjusting, but I’m wanting to lengthen the
tailbone down towards the back of the knees only to create a nice long line from the crown
of the head to the tip of the tailbone. Toes can stay on the ground or lifted, doesn’t
matter here. As we breath, press away from the earth again. Then take your gaze, shift
your weight slightly forward, and we’re going to hug the elbows into the side body and lower
all the way down into the belly. Cool. Keep the palms underneath the shoulders, press
into the tops of the feet, press pubic bone into the earth, so again, find your foundation.
And we’re going to inhale, lift up into a Baby Cobra. Exhale, forehead kisses the mat.
Two more just like that. Inhale, press into your foundation, create space as you press
away from the earth, Baby Cobra, exhale, float it down. Last one, loop the shoulders, pull
the elbows back, press away from the earth. And exhale. Forehead kisses the mat. Awesome. Curl the toes under, hang with me,
draw the navel to the spine, send the sit bones up and back. Downward Facing Dog. Beautiful
everyone. Take a deep breath in, and let it out through the mouth. Nice and easy, we’re
going to step that right foot up now, into our lunge and soften the left knee down to
the earth. Cool. Same thing as before. Again finding that foundation here as we bring the
left palm now in line with the arch of the right foot. And then softening the top of
that left foot down to the earth. Great. Make sure you’re not on a tightrope here, right
crease is pulling back and I inhale, soft fingertips as I open, again I might just come
to here opening the chest, maybe here, maybe each time I grow a little more each time I
do this video. But I’m keeping my foundation, so a tendency here is that that knee is going
to want to open here, so that I can open my chest up more. No, building from the ground
up, so I keep that ball joint of that right big toe down on the earth as you inhale, squeezing
the inner thighs towards the midline, opening up. Exhale, float it down. We can also be
on the fingertips here if we need. Inhale opening up. And exhale, floating it down.
If you have a block you can also be on the block here. Last one, inhale, open up into
your twist. Nice deep belly breath here, nice purifying twist, and then exhale, float the
fingertips down. Great. Come onto the fingertips, curl the back toes under, think up and over
as we rock back onto that right heel. Pull the right hip crease back and stretch it out,
feeling the weight of the head softly fall over. Breath. One more breath here, then slowly again rolling
through the front foot, nice and slow. We’ll plant the palms and we’ll step it back, coming
onto all fours. Bring the two big toes together, widen the knees as wide as the mat and send
it back extended Child’s Pose. So even here, even though we consider this a resting pose,
we can pay attention to our foundation. Use our breath to find nice deep opening stretches,
inhale, look forward and exhale, forehead kisses the mat, heart melts down. Pay attention
to your foundation here as you quiet the breath. Again, taking this moment for yourself, letting
go of any stress, any tension, in the body or in the heart, in the mind. This is a beautiful
pose for all levels, just surrendering to that which is greater than you. So if you’re
frustrated or you have a heavy heart or a full plate, stressed out, come into this posture,
take five nice long deep breaths. Then slowly pressing into all ten fingerprints, we’re
going to rock back up to all fours, walk the knees underneath the hip points, cross the
ankles, and slowly, nice and easy, use your palms or fingertips to guide you all the way
through into seated, a nice seated posture here. We’ll cross the legs. And just a gentle twist,
so the right palm comes to the left knee. We’ll bring the left fingertips behind. We
inhale, lift up and out of our foundation, find that current of energy, and then exhale,
journey into your twist. So I’m not cranking here, I’m using my foundation and this upward
lift to create space and I’m using my exhale to explore. Can even lift the hands to do
a hands free version here, just making sure that we’re pressing into the outer edges of
the feet, we’re lifting up through the heart. And on your exhale gently melt it back through
center and we’ll take it to the other side. Left palm to the right knee, right fingertips
behind. Again, so often when we come here we just forget about the legs and the feet,
so again we’re paying attention to the foundation, drawing energy up through the earth. In order
to find more space, more integrity flexibility in body, so it’s kind of a great rule of thumb
to just kind of think of everything from the ground up here, especially in a twist as we
use the exhale to explore, the inhale to lift and lengthen. Can experiment on this side,
too, going hands free. We’ll take a nice deep breath in and use the exhale to gently melt
it back to center. Great. Catch the palms in the knees here.
And we’re going to slowly draw the navel back, chin to chest, slowly, breathe. Then palms
on the knees here, I’m going to slowly release my ankles and rock back onto a flat back position,
hugging the knees to the chest. That felt great. So we’ll wrap the arms around the shins
here and just give yourself a hug. Never underestimate the power of a little hug here on the mat,
it’s great for the spine, great for the lower back. Even a great little squeeze or a massage
to the digestive organs here as we relax the shoulders down, squeeze the legs into the
belly. Cool, then we’ll slowly release, soles of
the feet to the mat, and bring the fingertips down so the arms are nice and straight. Now
hike your heels up to where your fingertips end here, toes pointing forward. Now last
pose before we relax here, we’re going to press into the palms, press in all four corners
of the feet again, remember your foundation. As you inhale slowly lift the tailbone up,
lift the hip points up toward the sky. Now notice as we peel our foundation changes,
we lift the spine up, lifting, lifting, lifting. All the way up as far as you can go, and then
exhale massaging the spine as we replace the foundation down and release buttocks to the
earth. Again, inhaling, pressing into all four corners of the feet, we lift the tailbone
up, slowly rising, and then exhale, float it down. One more just like this, press into
your foundation, but keep a sense of grace and ease as we lift the tailbone up. Feel
that stretch in the front body. And then exhale, slowly release. Okay, so this next time we’re going to keep
the gaze straight up, so don’t turn your head side to side to look to the video. Tuck the
chin to the chest and we’re going to inhale, slowly rise up. Listen to the sound of my
voice here as we prepare for Bridge Pose, Setu Bandha. So I can stay here with the hips
lifted for a couple of breaths. Imagine shooting your hipbones to the back of your knees as
you lift the pelvis. Now we can stay here palms pressing into the earth or we can shimmy
the shoulder blades in and interlace the fingertips behind the tailbone, opening the chest. Breathe
here. Wrists are square here, palms together, we breathe, we press into all four corners
of the feet. You can take your gaze to your belly and look at the inhale as it stretches
the belly along. Then on an exhale, with control, with grace, let the fingertips release and
make your slow exit down. Awesome. When you arrive hug the knees to the chest
one last time, give yourself a hug, rock a little side to side. Then release the soles
of the feet to the mat, extend the right leg out long, followed by the left. If you have
a blanket here you can cover up with the blankets or you can pillow the head. It’s also nice
to roll a blanket up, but it behind the knees and let the arms spill out gently to the side.
Preparing for our final and most precious posture for today, Shavasana. You can stay
here as long as you like, breathing, letting the mind be at ease, letting the heart rest,
feeling the support of the earth here. So this is really only especially after doing
such an active beginners practice, pressing up and out of the foundation, finding that
integration. Here is a posture where we do the opposite to balance it out, we allow the
mind and the body to rest, we allow ourselves the permission really to do absolutely nothing,
to just be still. Just soften and release and relax and allow and let go. And I just
want to say that I know this can be the hardest pose for some people. Particularly in a world
where we’re just constantly going, going, going and doing, doing, doing. So if this
is difficult for you, consider this just like any other posture, one that you need to practice,
evolve and grow. Keep allowing yourself the permission to do absolutely nothing, hence
the name the Corpse Pose. Giving yourself this moment to relax in Shavasana. Let the breath return to its natural rhythm,
you can stay here, open yourself to a new experience, maybe stay here a little bit longer
than you even anticipated and have a great most beautiful rest of the day. Nice work
everyone. Namaste


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