Why people with diabetes avoid checking | Lynsey and Khalida | Diabetes UK

I normally get really annoyed,
because I don’t want that number and it’s not something I think oh okay
fine I’ll sort, it just makes me feel rubbish about everything. It’s like I failed. Exactly, so I think you’ve hit the nail on the head, you know,
when you get a high blood sugar, it’s like oh you know, I hear that a lot the
whole day, the rest of the day is ruined whatever I started off with good
intentions is ruined and then the feeling like failure, what have I done
wrong so it’s all my fault and then the extra effort you have to
put in to get it right I’m not sure if you will be able to, you know and
then I think your feeling of that it’s going to bring on complications,
oh all those complications that I’ve been told about so if you have all of
those thoughts going on in your head they’re what we call negative thoughts.
Those negative thoughts can activate an anxiety response like a fear response, I
mean like a proper fear response you know where your heart starts racing, you
might come out a bit in a sweat or nervousness. So if you’re feeling anxious
at high blood sugar and your body is reacting in an anxious way what people
do is switch off and avoid, I think that’s what’s happening in diabetes is
that you get the high sugars you get a negative, really sad and negative
thoughts that brings on a depression or an anxiety feeling and you don’t want
that feeling so you avoid it, you go off and say oh well never mind you know
tomorrow’s another day or, and that’s happening if that’s happening every day,
every day you know then obviously you’re not going to look after your diabetes
and the thing that you’ve been fearing starts happening.

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