Visualization Exercise How To Get A New House

Visualization Exercise How To Get  A  New House

hi this is Eyvette from my world of
metaphysics bringing you another law of attraction metaphysical lesson today I
want to give you a visualization exercise on how to get a new house yes a
visualization exercise on how to get a house well this video is for all of
those out there wanting to get a new residence a new house a new condo a new
townhouse this is the video that I am going to show you how I would visualize
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going and to support my world of metaphysics so let’s get to it everybody
that watches my channel you know I manifest houses cars I mean money I mean
God is good that’s all I can say is God is good the God inside of me has blessed
me and blessed me and I just say thank you so today I want to tell you what I
would do if I wanted to get a new house at this moment using visualization now
there’s other techniques but today we’re going to talk about visualization
exercises and we’re gonna talk about how you can get that new house that new
apartment that new condo whatever it is that you’re desiring now first thing I
would like to say to everyone is know what you want
when I got my townhouse when I got when I first bought my house when I then
bought my townhouse I didn’t just say I wanted a house or I wanted this let me
tell you people I actually went out there with my mom and we drove around
and around and around looking at all different things we made like we were
buying things and we went in there dressed nice walking in there and had no
intentions of buying but we did it we had fun and by us getting out there
getting the experience seeing all that was available in my mind I created what
I wanted for myself okay I actually created what I wanted for myself by me
being out there and knowing what was available I advise you to do that too
because a lot of times you Manifest things and you want things and
it comes about it ended up later on that that really wasn’t what you wanted or
you manifest something and you left something out
listen happens all the time take it as a lesson and then move on okay so let’s
get to that visualization exercise on how to get a new house now remind you
now this is for a new house or town house an apartment whatever
it is you’re trying to create when it comes down to moving this video is it
what I would do when I have some time to myself not when the dog is running
around or the children are playing and the TVs blasting when I have time for
myself I would sit in a chair or I will lie down in the bed and I would sit
there in peace and quiet and I would create a mind movie of what it will look
like if I had that house that I wanted okay again know what you want two
bedrooms three bedrooms wood floors chocolate cabinets white cabinets a
garage whatever is you want please know what it is that you want so as you’re
creating your movie it comes naturally instead of you coming up with different
things every time you play your mind movie if you know what you want it’ll
come natural so as I’m sitting there or lying there I
would then run that mind movie through my head in my mind movie I will
visualize either myself signing the contract at the closing being handed the
keys or I would actually visualize myself actually walking in the front
door of my new place okay listen when you walk in that front door I want you
to visualize yourself walking in that front door and being ecstatic being
excited that you just manifest your dream house I want you to see yourself
walking in that front door now this is the thing that I tell people
when you see yourself walking in that door and you are happy
doing your mind movie doing your visualization I want you to then jump in
that visualization jump in that mind movie and I want you to actually become
that person in that mind movie when I say become that person I want you to
feel your hand on the doorknob closing the door as you finish walking in I want
you to feel your feet walking in your house on your new floor I want you to
see your wood floors I want you to see the hallway I want you to see the three
bedrooms two bathrooms or the two bedrooms I want you to pull up the
garage door and look in there and turn around and look and be happy I want you
to imagine your fruit your family coming with your furniture helping you move in
I want you to sit there and imagine yourself holding a glass feeling the
glass in your hand toasting to your family as they are all in your new place
okay I want you to imagine your housewarming where all your friends are
there and they all congratulating you on your new home these are the things that
I want you to imagine now listen so that you don’t make mistakes whatever you do
I tell people always imagine being happy always imagine being happy of what you
have because when you imagine being happy a lot of times it covers you to
prevent things from happening that would not make you happy like if you’re happy
with your new home you can’t manifest that horrible
neighbor standing living on the side of you that’s just giving you a
hard time we’ve been there people I’ve been there I know you’ve been there you
cannot experience things like this if you are including yourself being happy
okay when you’re manifesting when you’re visualizing visualize yourself with
everything working well listen it happened to me I’m not going to lie
little things go wrong and I said hmm can I leave that out of my visualization
but you know what pat myself on the back and you just keep it
moving because the more you the more you focus on the negativity the more you’re
gonna get Wow the ocean is speaking to me right now
I love it I love it people again people when you visualize yourself having that
new home visualize yourself being happy visualize yourself in the tub visualize
yourself getting up in the morning saying I am so happy feel it actually
you’re in it now so feel yourself saying and hear yourself saying oh my God I am
so happy I am so happy okay now one thing I can say when your dreams do come
true and you actually manifest what it is you want keep your thoughts positive
because at any moment whatever you manifest can make a turn yes it can make
a turn because your forgetting you create your life by what you’re thinking and
what you believe so if you get that new house and all of a sudden you see
somebody you don’t like next door you start thinking horrible things about
them you’re going to manifest them in your life giving you a hard time okay
visualization for that house is beautiful people one thing I would like
to say to everybody is if you actually want that house you have to take action
people a few of you people are writing me wanting things without putting any
effort in it without doing anything to achieve what it is that you want I don’t
care who you read I don’t care who you follow i’m a tell you right now nothing
is going to come knocking on your door if you don’t get out there and you take
action for yourself so what it is is that take action to get what you want if
you want that house clear up your credit okay don’t go out
there taking five trips knowing are you trying to get a house or you’re trying
to move are you trying to get that apartment okay
listen how can God work through you if you’re not giving God anything to work
with now the law of attraction is not something just popping out of the blue
it can happen don’t get me wrong but listen
the law of attraction is basically your vibrations is going out and it’s
bringing to you what it is that you want now listen if you’re bringing out
laziness laziness is what you’re gonna get and you’re watching the wrong
Channel I’m sorry people you are take action we’re moving into a new day a new
year a new life and if you want to be successful in creating the life that
you desire you have to get the motivation the ambition up then you can
get out there and do the things that you need and you require to manifest these
things in your life listen God will work through you God will direct you to go
down that particular block that day that you would never have gone down that
block ever before and then wallah there’s the house that you always wanted
somebody might come to you and say hey look I know such a such as moving out
their apartment it’s beautiful you got to see it and then you say okay I’ll go
and use well I have to go to work well you know what I have about 10 minutes to
go and check that out and you go and it becomes the house of your dreams this is
how God works through you God uses people God uses situation God uses your
sense of direction where you’re driving in the car but if you lying there not
trying to give God nothing to work through God can’t work through you
believe me people been there done that and like I said once you get what you
want and four or five years later you want to try something different don’t
feel bad pack it up and do it again and move again there’s nothing wrong with it
I do it I could care less long as I’m happy I could care less okay so listen
this is Eyvette from my world of metaphysics if you like this video
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blessings for the new year namaste


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