U.S. Soldiers Accidentally Reveal Secret Bases With Jogging App

U.S. Soldiers Accidentally Reveal Secret Bases With Jogging App


  • Robert Helring says:

    Now after your report it now there really a danger good job

  • PropertyOfHoliness says:

    Where's the wisdom on sharing this with everyone.

  • Ralph Percy says:

    The Pentagon really that ignorant….? Or. Smell BS HERE

  • Muhammed Suhdai says:

    >be you
    >working for the NSA
    >design app to spy on and track the peasants
    >accidentally revealed secret location of military bases with very same app
    >your faces when

  • Margaret Neanover says:

    Nice second hand story.

  • Alan Ward says:

    This just in: jogging app going out of business

  • thesheepman220 says:

    Use a Stop watch , next they be tracking how many times you take a crap 💩 don’t buy them and get rid of them way to much checking on people’s lives by the control freaks

  • Audy Simon says:

    Just another coincidence that they were developed by Israeli intelligence and marketed would wide… thank God for Homeland Security and military intelligence ,budget, did she say nuclear facility in Turkey??? Hmmm! Nothing like running amongst some well regulated secret nuclear bass sucking up some radioactive isotopes to help with the cardio!

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