The Truth About Your Splits I @Auti Kamal

The Truth About Your Splits I @Auti Kamal

– Hi babies, we are back
with another Dance Corner, Dancer’s Corner. Step one, know the name of my own vlog. Hi, babies! We are back with another
episode of Dancewear Corner. Dude, you can’t make this stuff up. Hello everyone, welcome
back to another episode of Dancer’s Corner, sponsored
by Dancewear Corner. My favorite dance realer, realer? Should I just end this video now? Hey guys, we’re back with another episode of Dancer’s Corner, sponsored
by Dancewear Corner, my favorite dance retailer. Please go to their website
at for all of your dancewear needs. Made it. Today we are talking about one of your favorite stinking
topics: the splits. I have been getting, I’m
just gonna say I do get, this is a constant thing, I get so many messages about splits, and people following
my videos, loving them, but still needing help,
you guys want more tips, bla bla bla, bla bla bla
bla, bla, so here I am. So, okay, there’s so many
things that I need you guys to understand about your splits. They’re, I’m gonna give
you some tips today, and hopefully these will help you, or just give you a little bit of insight as to maybe why you’re not getting them. Consistent stretching, I know you’re like, Miss Auti, but I follow your videos! Okay, but how many times
a day are you stretching? How long are you holding these stretches? So, if you truly wanna get your splits, you have to be stretching
two to three times per day, and keeping the stretches
for a long period of time, like 30 seconds. You can’t just do a couple stretches for five minutes and wrap it up, and expect to have your splits. It has to be consistent, and
I do wanna share something. There’s two different types of stretching, or two important types at
least: static, and dynamic. So static stretching,
I want you to think of, is more your dance warmup. You probably do a little bit of cardio, and then you do stretches without moving. It’s like, touch your toes,
or sit in a butterfly, or open up to a straddle,
that’s static stretching, because you’re just holding
the stretch with no movement. Dynamic stretching is
stretching within movement, and it’s usually seen
in, like, an activity. So for example, that would be dancing. So, static stretching is probably the warmup you’re doing before class, and dynamic stretching is the flexibility and range of motion progress you’re making while you’re doing a class combo. So you want a mix of those both. So if you’re the kinda person who is like, I’m gonna hold butterfly
for 20 minutes before bed, great, I love that for you, but
you also need to be dancing, and be in motion,
expanding your flexibility. So making sure that both of those types of stretching are a part of your routine. There is a myth that running
makes you inflexible. It’s not that it decreases flexibility, but it does stiffen muscles, and it uses your muscles
in a different way, so sometimes it can shorten those muscles. So if you’re doing activities
like running a ton, or you’re sitting at a desk
for a majority of your day, your muscles are probably stiff. So you do want to stretch after the fact of doing those activities, or try and minimize those activities, and stretch to restore the
length in your muscles. So think about it for a sec. If you’re sedentary, I
think that’s the right word, if you sit down a lot
throughout the day, or you run, or you do something else
that shortens your muscles, and makes you a little bit stiffer, I would try and make stretching the bigger half of that little
pie, if that makes any sense. So if you have the circle pie, you have stretching hopefully
is like 60% of the pie, and then sedentary movement, or running, whatever shortens your muscles, is 40%. Try not to have it be
the other way around, because if you want your body to be long, and flexible, and limber, that
needs to be the vast majority of how you’re training your
muscles throughout your day. Another thing is lifestyle modifications. So I chatted with you guys about this in one of my vlogs too, I think it’s like, flexibility hacks or something like that. Lifestyle modifications
meaning, are you hydrated? Are your muscles in the
best shape that they can be to introduce flexibility to them? Are you foam rolling to get that, like, any sort of scar tissue, or anything that’s kind of
built up in those muscles, just rolled out? Do you get massages regularly? I’m like, go get a massage! But seriously, or roll your
feet out with a tennis ball, roll your IT band out, roll your IT band out with a tennis ball, just things that you need to do to create the most ideal environment
for your muscles to develop flexibility in, okay? It’s like buying a house plant, and putting it in the
dark, but watering it. You’re like, excuse you,
why aren’t you flourishing? Well, if you move that sweet
little baby house plant to the sun, and water it,
and maybe give it, like, a little bit of a breeze that comes in, it’s going to shine and
grow so much faster. Does that make sense? Okay, another thing is, I
have taught for over 10 years, and very often I get
dancers that need to work on their flexibility, and
they’re just not working hard. That’s just it, so you gotta
call yourself out, you guys. I have dancers that we, you know, we’re in class, and
we’re doing the splits, and they get discouraged,
and they give up easily. This is Milo. They come out of their splits, they’re like, just kinda like,
bleh when they’re stretching, and if you’re not fully focused, or putting your energy into the stretches to make sure you’re doing them correctly, and that you’re giving it your effort, or you come out of your
stretch when it hurts, come on, that can’t beat you, so do a little tough love self check, and see if you’re actually having, what’s that word, discipline. If you have discipline
when you’re stretching, or you’re just kind of,
just being blah about it. Lastly, this is something
that I wanna say, and I don’t wanna break anyone’s heart, but sometimes you guys, people are not genetically
built to do the splits. This can be literally anything. It’s just a physical attribute that just won’t allow you to do it. It could be your hips, your hamstrings, your IT band, I don’t know. It could be anything that
is just genetic for you, that your body just cannot
go into those positions, and it is okay, you know? I’ve, if you’re struggling with the fact that you really truly
cannot do the splits, go pop over to my other Dancer’s Corner. It says, Does Flexibility Matter in Dance is the title, I believe, and it’s helpful because
flexibility is not everything. If you’re really concerned
about, like, a genetic, the genetic makeup of your body, and like, you really, really wanna
expand your range of motion, I would go talk to a physical therapist. What the physical therapist can do is help you understand
how your body is built, help you understand your limitations, and then help you progress, and broaden your range of motion within what is safe for your body. You never wanna force your body into positions that it shouldn’t be in. So be gentle with
yourself, do your research, and try some of those things out. Let me know how that goes. Our quote of the day is
actually really funny, because it really does have
to do with flexibility, but it is, “Be stubborn about your goals, “and flexible about your methods.” “Be stubborn about your goals, “and flexible about your methods.” And I thought that was so
fitting, because, sure, be stubborn that you wanna
become a better dancer, be stubborn that you want
your body in good shape, be stubborn that you wanna
keep bettering yourself, but be flexible about
the way that you do so. Be flexible and open-minded in the fact that you’re gonna have
to work with your body, you’re gonna have to make
changes in your lifestyle, and you’re gonna have to work hard. So be stubborn about your goals, and flexible about your methods. Oh my loves, I just love you so, so much. Thank you so much for watching. Make sure to pop to, that’s A-U-T-I-K-A-M-A-L at julep. That’s my email. A-U-T-I-K-A-M-A-L dot com,
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