Strengthening Exercises After Shoulder Surgery | Part 8 | Shoulder Rehab Videos | Colorado

Strengthening Exercises After Shoulder Surgery | Part 8 | Shoulder Rehab Videos | Colorado

the next exercise is called the standing
wrote this can also be done in a seated position the cord resistance is coming from the
front and what we’ll do is we’ll pull against
cord resistance if you go ahead and pull until the
elbows are at your side not too far release again it’s important to note that while you’re
doing this at these exercises this one in particular while you’re pulling at
resistant squeeze the shoulder blades back against resistance down and
low pull again keep your shoulders down down relax these muscles on
the top squeezes shel blades toward the center and again shoulder blades low an option to this exercise is to add to
do a single arm row okay let’s have you drop the right let’s have you take your left foot forward now j.p. is going to pull against cord
resistance while he pulls he’ll engage his lower back muscles and rotate at the same time and row back pull shoulder blade back back for just like your pulling a lawn
mower started whole shoulder blade muscles just for
their the next excise is called the biceps curl biceps attach from the elbow up into the shoulder and from the elbow into the front
side of the shoulder to do this exercise you pull against the cord resistance
j.p. will step on a cord create tension by stepping on the cord and then bend his elbow against cord
resistance so important that you keep the shoulder
blade back during the exercise and stabilized and do the exercise against tension the
whole time an option to this exercise is to use a
dumbbell of a particular weight hold on to the dumbbell keep the wrist of the neutral position
again pull against resistance and back down it’s worthy to note if you’ve had a biceps
tenodesis which is an operation that removes the biceps tendon out of the
joint and replaced here this exercise should not be done within the
first six weeks of the rehabilitation otherwise it’s safe to do the exercise
when your therapist has said so the next exercise is called the triceps extension to do this exercise cord resistance will be
placed from above to do the excercise properly j_p_ will
extend his elbow against the cord resistance backup the next exercise is called the the bear
hug exercise this exercise is specific to a muscle
called the serratus anterior which sits on the front side of the shoulder blade
comes down to the front and attaches to the ribs right here the purpose of this muscles to keep the
shoulder blades attached to the back side of the to the back of your torso while you’re
doing shoulder activity to do this exercise correctly you’ll have the cord resistance coming
from behind you push against cord resistance while you
do this you’ll round out your shoulders while you’re doing the exercise go ahead j.p. push against resistance j.p. shoulder blades come around to the front of his shoulder into the front of his body and as he releases he comes back there’s actually not too much movement in the elbows as he brings the cord to the front it’s just rounding his whole body out as he
does the exercise the next exercise is called the lat pulldown
this is for the latissimus dorsi muscle which comes off the front side of
the shoulder under the armpit to the lower back to do this exercise you start with the
cord resistance from above pull down thumbs stark in the upward position and go to
a position with the come down to your side and back up comes up slight bend in the elbow two from just about touching your hip and back up shoulder blades come down as you do the
exercise the next excise is an advanced cord exercise this is external
rotation done with forty five degrees of abduction just to review abduction is the amount them out of range of motion you bring
your arm out to the side so when the elbow leaves the side of your body this is
called abduction external rotation is this motion here so if we were to do the external
rotation at a forty five degree angle of abduction j.p. would bring his arm up here
for a bit of support and if the forty five degree angle here for
abduction cord resistance comes from down below and j.p. will externally rotate against that
resistance you can also use some other form of
support under your elbow while doing this exercise such as a towel or if you are to kneel into a chair you can
also do it that way again just pull against theresistance
insuring that the elbow remains at ninety degrees and you’re actually externally rotating
the arm as you go the next exercise is called external rotation
done at ninety degrees of abduction again ninety degrees of abduction would
bring j.p.’s arm out to here this is what we call somewhat of a ninety
ninety position which is a throwers position to do this exercise you can turn
toward the cord j_p_ will hold his arm at about ninety
degrees bring it down just a bit just bring it down slightly so there’s
not in an impinging position he’ll pull against the cord resistance while
externally rotating his arm again cord resistance comes from down
below and relax this can be done with a support device
such as the edge of the chair or some other form of device or it can be done just standing this one
will engage the muscles a bit more during the exercise to do external rotation at ninety degrees
of abduction with support you can use the the back side of a chair against the cord
resistance back side of the chair will offer some
elbow support so that the elbow muscles are not
the predominant muscle firing during the exercise


  • pricelessclips says:

    I had Rotator Cuff Surgery (Full thickness tear) 4 months ago and I'm doing active range of motion at the moment. I didn't get surgery until after 2 years and the most obvious problem I had was External Rotation w/ 45 deg Abduction.  I only can lift it half way,  Anyway, that why I had the surgery to correct the problem. Why does my External Rotation w/ 45 deg Abduction still very hard to abduct? 

  • carfran53 says:

    Hi,after how many weeks from surgery can I start with these exercises.I went though bicep tenodesis and rotator cuff surgery(torn supraespinatus) 9 weeks ago, and my range of motion is 100%.Your advise will be greatly appreciated.

  • Bill C says:

    peter milet is the biggest piece of dog shit known to mankind.

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