[SFM Splatoon] How Silver Met Frost

[SFM Splatoon] How Silver Met Frost

Ever since Frost has been joining alongside my journey, living a distinctive life, many were very
presumptuous as to how exactly did I first meet her..? This was prior to when I had that plastic surgery, and all of the unimaginable
scenes of events that took their course. However those times were irrevocably
unhinged. This… is that story. Cue the intro. PRESENTED BY SILVERREPLOID CLE… COMPOSED WITH SOURCE FILMMAKER… Silverreploid: “Ready for this?” Silverinkling: “Let’s do it!” **episode title in Music Box? O.O** Episode Title – How Silver Met Frost If you recall the very time I’ve transfigured into an inkling species, where I did research, tested out the formula, and.. making me become the very being that I am right now… This is basically the aftermath of how I ended up in the suburbs at night. This was
also prior to when I had that plastic surgery– Although, not to break the fourth wall, I know exactly what you’re thinking… And you know what? You’re probably right. But right now, that’s besides the point. P.S: Please grant me a Nintendo Switch. I seriously need one. lol Fundamentally speaking, this is
an event in particular that is between the past and future, meaning, this event took place after I turned into an inkling, and before the plastic surgery drew near. But… my story continues. During the times I was lurking in the
darkness, I still have lack of coloration.. and I still couldn’t feel myself having
steady bodily functioned as if.. I lost control or something or felt rather
numb… Once again, this was a side effect, after I transformed into an inkling. However, it was still night time.. and I did nothing but wander in almost every
location in the dark… Street after street, sidewalk after sidewalk, tunnel after tunnel… until I ended up in the dark alleyway at night. But somehow it was too
misanthropic… As I continued my travels I tripped over
most of the disposal bags that I couldn’t manage to see. My vision was rather neutral… meaning I
could see clearly, but at some point it alters from that to mere dizziness….. at least I didn’t even
feel extremely nauseous.. I’ve managed to get back up. Leaning to a pole gazing at my
complexion for a short time… I kept contemplating if whether or not there
will still be hope for me to get myself out of this very nightmare. Sometime later, I make it to some sort of
Asian district, with convergence of amusement alongside with it.
I can hardly tell whether or not there are people in this area, but if there
were… would they even notice me..? I look at my surroundings for
sometime… and technically, I highly doubt that there’s no one here. Although looking deeply
at this district, I guess it’s used to be all smiles but
given the circumstances insinuating the fact that it’s all smiles of
understatement, although I could be biased.. it’s all in accordance to
perspective I suppose.. but somehow it looks luxurious. I felt as though that I was being spectated.. of course… I was right. Hunter: “I’ve found
the subject. Protocol initiated to terminate it.” A light appeared from behind… it came from.. a dark figure. *gasp* He was holding something that had some glowing barrel.. It looked like… he was holding a weapon.. ?! From the looks of it, he’s attempting to detain me.. my fear tells me, otherwise, after looking at it.. that he might have a mission to obtain test subjects. But given my condition.. I attempt to run away from him. *Laser fire* *Silver runs* Hunter: “Subject has escaped. I’m going after him. Over.” All I could do was run, to avoid their alleged military force. I couldn’t tell if whether or not he was running after me, but I kept running regardless. Although, from that blast, I could tell it can bolt something/someone very swiftly,
leading to whatever outcome unfolds, after coming into contact with it… *Silver panting* While attempting to respire, I felt as
though… something or someone is behind me.. and of course, he was. Therefore, I sprint again. Technically, I didn’t know where to run. I ran and ran countlessly through almost every block conceivable.. in order to avoid the hunter that was chasing after
me. It was not very long until I’ve managed to escape.. or did I manage to
escape..? Snake: “Many thought that the WIFE!!!!!!” *slams controller* *gasp and stumble*
And suddenly.. prior to when I thought I might have a concussion from the fall, I have somehow altered form.. into a cephalopod-like
creature that makes haste on the ground. It gave me the slight advantage to
circumvent who or what it was that had me in their sights. Fortunately, I fled the area. An hour has passed, and I end up almost
motionless in the dark forest.. but I did fall unconscious on account of
the fact that I overextended myself during that chase back there. Although it is
safe to say that I’ve avoided being detained, but at the same time, I felt so
delirious. It was awfully quiet, given the circumstances, and I highly thought that
no one was actually here.. If I had enough energy left within me, yet to exert in
moderation, I would have concealed myself somewhere safe where no one will find me
or capture me. I don’t even want to contemplate what would
happen, if that were the case… I close my eyes gently, in an attempt to regain
my strength and stamina. The Sun rose… leading to the commencement
of the next day.. and.. somehow I’ve managed to survive in that one spot. As I woke up from
under these very trees, my visions were… much more clearer than yesterday.. and I’m
surprised no one actually came here and noticed that this was where I was
sleeping.. Quite a surprise, if you ask me. I looked around.. the same exact the
forest I slept at. Heck, I even look at my reflection in the water that was
streaming from the waterfall, and somehow, looking at it, my coloration came through, and… *Silver screamed in pain* *he fell* Okay, I have to admit I should have known
that was a bad idea. From my research:

‘Inklings and other species related to them are not immune to water.’ But.. what exactly could I drink, you might wonder? And the answer to that question is… nothing in particular, based on my knowledge. I look around the spacious forest.. and I noticed there was something up ahead. It looked like an egg from ahead.. and I
went to get it close to the look. Strange… this is the only one that’s here.. It didn’t seem to be any bird or dinosaur species of any kind here.
I slowly look around it.. Hmm.. you would probably assume that I would indulge it.
If you truly thought that, you are gravely mistaken. Instead, I went to get
a better glimpse. Surprisingly, I don’t even feel hungry.. Could this, too, be the
side effect from the formula, that I had..? Wow…
compared to a small egg, this one is ten times larger… I wonder what’s inside…? ?! *egg hatches.. light engulfs him, and he screams in agonizing pain* I fell to the ground, on account of that
incredible stun from the light.. leading me to being unconscious yet again.. As I
woke up, my eye color had changed.. After I opened my eyes, I then saw….. (SO CUTE!!!) Baby Inkling: Woomy! *Silver screams, his ponytail popped out of his head, the baby floats but giggles due to floating in the air as if she was having a fun ride* *Silver quickly catches her and reattach his ponytail back to the respectful spot of his head* Whatever it was, it looked cheerful and friendly… I’m actually overwhelmed that it didn’t cry, after I screamed at the top of my lungs in a fright.. I didn’t even know what to make of it, after that… I wanted to take the child
back to her family, but instead, it chose me.. as the owner, which I didn’t
understand.. In fact, I’m not even certain if whether or not, this infant had a family..
although I asked if it had a name. Silver: “What’s your name..?” Baby Inkling: *baby talk* (OMG, super cute!!) *chuckle* Despite her adorable response, I guess it
didn’t have one yet.. but judging by her whitish complexion, I’ve decided to name her
‘Frost’. I think she likes it! And so, with that out of the way, I’ve carried
her with me and my arms without any troubles, although I always wondered to
myself am I… actually a father now? I mean, so much I’ve been through, and this is highly
unexpected.. I even chuckled to myself thinking about that.. and in regards to
my attire, well, at least no one so far, um… noticed. Haha But eventually, I clandestinely found some clothing to look fundamentally decent, and of course this
was what I had: Frost: “Dada!” (first word!) And that was how I met Frost, my beloved
child! Now it’s time to feed her! Frost: *cute baby talk* ENDING SEQUENCE INITIALIZED HOLD IT! Don’t close the video just this second. There’s more! TwoDev: “You know, bro.. I was really curious as to
what she’ll look like when she grows up…” Silver: “Actually, TwoDev.. ever since she came to
our lives, I always have that Ash and Pikachu vibe.. When Pikachu
joined alongside with Ash, Ash somehow.. never wanted his Pikachu to evolve.. It kind of
correlates with how I feel about me and Frost.” TwoDev: “Ah, I see..” But if it comes to that point, eventually, whatever she decides, I will definitely
understand what path she takes. She is my daughter, after all, and I know that
someday… she will grow to be a very strong, beautiful and kind-hearted
daughter like she is right now.. especially, when she was first born.” TwoDev: Actually, that’s really good to hear, bro.” . . . . .


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