Seated Hip Flexor Stretch – Chair Exercises Part 5 – Stick Mobility Exercise

Seated Hip Flexor Stretch  – Chair Exercises Part 5 – Stick Mobility Exercise

Hey everyone! In this drill we’re gonna be going after the hip flexor. This anterior tissue line right here. This area here when we sit a lot gets locked short
so we do need to stretch it out and open it up. So what Neal’s gonna do is he’s on a seated position, and what happens a lot of times is
when people try to get the hip flexor, they don’t have, they have bad knees
so they can’t get into a half kneeling position, they may be injured, foot issues, whatever it is,
we can take this to a seated position. Neal’s gonna shift over and he’s gonna be on his right
butt cheek, so the right glute is gonna be on the chair. He’s got his sticks set at about 11 o’clock and 1 o’clock. Bottom of the sticks are slightly angled towards him. Now he’s gonna go after the left hip flexor
so he’s gonna bring this left leg behind him. And once he set he’s going to then extend
the ankle so the top of the foot is on the floor. In this case his knee is just about touching the floor. With my femur it’s much shorter, so my knee
wouldn’t even be close to touching the floor. When he’s in this position he’s gonna push the
sticks into the floor about 30 to 40% tension. He’s gonna engage the lats locking the core down and then he’s going to take the top of the left foot
and he’s gonna push it into the floor. When he pushes that into the floor he’s gonna feel that
radiate all the way up and through the front of the hip. Once he’s engaged that, he’s gonna squeeze the left glute and he’s gonna give a posterior pelvic tuck. So the posterior pelvic tuck,
the bottom of the pelvis is going forward and the top of the pelvis is rolling backwards, alright. Make sure you stay out of the lumbar spine. One of the most common mistakes done when people are going after the hip flexor is they start to arch the back. This is not where your hips are located.
Your hips are in the front, so make sure you’re feeling that
where the target area is. So we can hold the hip flexor stretch
for about six to ten seconds. Give yourself about four to five reps. As you continue the reps make sure you’re breathing,
keep the ribs connected to the hips. You’re gonna start to feel this tissue
start to lengthen and open up. Give it a shot and let us know how you feel.

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