Pastor Jonathan reversed his type 2 diabetes, got off 3 diabetes meds, and lost 65 pounds on Virta

Pastor Jonathan reversed his type 2 diabetes, got off 3 diabetes meds, and lost 65 pounds on Virta

My diabetes had an effect on me, of course, but it also had an effect on my family. My son actually wrote me a letter before we had any grandchildren. And said. I want you to do something to take care of yourself, because I want you to meet my children when I have them. You know I want you to be “Grandpa”. I want them to know you. I’m a pastor serving in a church here in Norfolk, Virginia. I’ve been a pastor for 16 years. I was actually diagnosed with diabetes when I was attending the seminary. This past fall my principal care provider said, ‘John you’re gonna have to make some decisions here, because your numbers are going up and up and up. Or either we’re going to have to
start talking about insulin, or we’re going to have to talk about possible surgery of some type, bypass etc. I started my treatment Ash Wednesday, March 6th of this year. I’d like to tell people about Virta, because it’s been such a blessing for me. It’s something that I have a lot of control over actually, which I can appreciate. It’s part of what led me to pursue the treatment, because my other options took much of the control out of my own hands. Concordia covered it, which was wonderful. I’ve always been appreciative of the Concordia Health Plan. When I began the treatment, I had visions of maybe in six months or a year, I’ll see some real success here. I mean it literally happened within probably less than three months, where I had been removed from all my diabetic medications. And I’ve not been on them now for two plus months through almost three months. And my numbers are great. The last two months I’ve had no out-of-pocket costs at all! My doctor with Virta has monitored my numbers and activity very closely. It’s obvious. And it’s worked better than I even imagined. You don’t have to change a whole lot of your lifestyle, you’re just going to change what you eat. Virta has brought joy into my life. You know, my energy level is very good. I guess not carrying around extra weight helps but you know there’s a psychological advantage to it too. You just feel better. Today for instance we had a Chapel with children at summer camp. I don’t have to fake joy. I feel joy. And that’s one of the things – that’s what had been our theme in our midweek Chapel sessions is joy. And so we’re looking forward to that time when we retire and part of what that love was like for us is that, you know, we have grandkids that we will get to see with even more regularity than we do now. My son, ‘Judah wasnts to ask you a question.’ ‘What do you want, Judah?’ ‘Grandpa, when you come visitwill you take me fishing?’ I’m like – Are you kidding me?! I love the fish. And those are the kind of things I’m looking forward to doing.


  • Idylchatter says:

    I am a 53 year old Type 1 diabetic who began using CBD oil 2 weeks ago. The results are nothing short of amazing! CBD has changed my life by effectively dealing with the inflammatory nature of type 1 diabetes. I feel so much less achy, my diabetic foot pain is gone, my appetite is more reasonable and my blood sugar levels are much easier to manage. I have been going to conventional doctors for years, none of whom have been able to help me in the slightest. CBD has done more to improve the quality of my life than anything I’ve ever experienced. I feel optimistic about my future for the first time in many years. Try it for yourself!!!!!

    JANUARY 13, 2018 AT 4:28 AM REPLY

    Meghan Haigler says:
    This is so reassuring! Thank you for your insight. My boyfriend has type 1 for 3 years now and I have been researching into cannabis and type 1 for some time but this has been the most relatively helpful forum.

    MAY 11, 2018 AT 7:06 PM REPLY

    Sonja Smuts says:
    My granddaughter (12) is also type 1 and since she’s using cannabis oil, she is a different person. Blood sugar levels beautiful, use less insulin, practice hard, eat less carbs etc. I know and believe that there is a cure for type 1.

    MARCH 31, 2018 AT 4:02 PM REPLY

    Crystal says:
    I’m so happy just reading this has made me feel so much better. I’m just starting to use the cannabis oil today and I’m so hopeful now. I struggle with type 1 diabetes and it’s almost killing me. My pharmacist told me about the cannabis oil and how is it cured his wife. I’m so excited can’t wait to start feeling better and having no pain thank you guys for your testimonies!!

  • Idylchatter says:
    Peter middle aged male, 215 pounds, Diabetic taking 4 metfomin and 4 dimachron per day. Meds weren't working, 12% blood sugar Doctor told him there was nothing more he could do. Sent him to a diabetes specialist, told Peter he was leaking 12 grams of protein from his kidneys every day and that he was sending him to a kidney specialist. 

    He decided to try something different and started using cannabis oil, in 6 weeks time his Fas test went to 4.5. Had to stop taking his meds mid November because his sugar had gone below 4%. Dropped over 50 pounds in a years time. Three minute video.

    CBDTV Doctors and diabetes testimonial:

    CBD and Diabetes question and answer with Dr. Blair

  • Barbara Lee says:

    Who on earth would give this beautiful testimony a thumbs down. Good for you Pastor!!

  • Christina Ketonian Queen says:


    This is amazing!!

  • PhatBoyPoker says:

    I'm on a journey… living the Keto Life… Not easy, but loving the results… well done Pastor Jonathan

  • Richard Ruhe says:

    If you go off the ketogenic diet start back on a "sad" diet, does the diabetes come back? Or are you actually healing yourself?

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