No, You’re Not Lazy – Workouts For Older Men LIVE

No, You’re Not Lazy – Workouts For Older Men LIVE

Hello hello hello guys welcome to this
live broadcast Welcome To Workouts For Older Men LIVE I am Skip La Cour I’m so
glad you are here with me today in this video I want to talk about you I want to
talk about you if you just can’t get yourself going might even be thinking
that you might be a little lazy not living up to your expectations
you know how disappointing that could be I also know when you get into that
mindset how it can build upon itself and totally immobilize you from not taking
any action at all I want to talk about that I could certainly relate to that
and maybe not in the fitness world but in other areas of my life and I want to
share with some with you some of the strategies that help me break through
and also the men who I work with one-on-one coaching
on a continual basis a weekly basis and a lot of you who reach out to me text
call give you some clarity some perspective that’s what I’m here for as
your coach as your friend as your virtual training partner
well week fitness transformation the ultimate 12-week Fitness transformation
journey for older men with busy productive life it’s starting soon our
group coaching assault calls are starting soon your one on one coaching
call start immediately right after you enroll I’ve already been working with
men over the last few weeks we do our weekly calls you get one-on-one time
with me up to eight one-on-one coaching sessions I say up to eight because I
want to create a package a coaching package for this ultimate 12-week
Fitness transformation journey that’s right for you I love the connection I
love that when we work on the training strategies nutrition strategies I get
you clear and certain that the longer period of time that I can work with you
one-on-one it just becomes a part of you so you’ll be able to look in the
mirror and just know what to do now it’s just a matter of doing it right but I’ll
have a package for you we can do up to eight sessions maybe a couple and then
you’ll join the group coaching calls so much with this ultimate 12-week fitness
transformation journey my AOS age optimization system for training right
get three training routines that you’ll be able to use for the rest of your life
you’ll know what to do why you’re doing it and the instruction alright so a lot
of guys that really ready do the work just need that certainty in the training
program I want to give that to you nutrition it’s all covered and all our
time together right so you want to take action now you can text me I put my cell
phone number go to skip liqueur calm front slash
transformation to feel like that questionnaire watch the video read about
all your benefits read the testimonials about the what the experience that men
just like you who have gone through my coaching and Mike Loic fitness
transformation journeys in the past what they have to say alright and reach out
again so we’re starting to now is the time to take action
alright so it always gets me when I come to me and they’re driven they’re
ambitious they’re successful with their family in their business alright they
know what success is and then when it comes to fitness they just can’t seem to
engage and get themselves going alright they’re overwhelmed with all the
information that’s out there and they just can’t take action maybe they start
full of a while and then they quit alright
and they say I just got get it up get over being lazy you definitely don’t
want to ever label yourself as something so empowering you know you want to say I
am powerful I am strong I’ll always find a way I’m resourceful if you’re gonna
label yourself you always want to make it empowering because what you tagged
the label you tagged yourself you just become it’s not like magic your mind
starts looking for all the references in your past in your present in your future
that will say congruent consistent with that i10 identity so you say I am
powerful I am resourceful I always find a way all
right that becomes your ID enter you never
want to label yourself as lazy in it from my experience that’s not it let me
see if this is true for you if you had 100% certainty if there was such a thing
you know the best things in life there is no absolute certainty it’s our
ability to take a risk our risk to reach out for coaching to give you an
opportunity to reach out just to talk to me see if we can get some of these
strategies a little bit more clear and give you some certainty in your mind
right it’s gonna take risk of your heart emotion your time putting your ego on
the line trying something with the possibility of failing it’s gonna take
some risk to have the best things in life that there are no guarantees but
when you go to any situation even though you’re not going to feel absolute
certainty all the time you got to take action you haven’t have enough of it
right is it true of you if you knew if you
could look into a crystal ball which unfortunately you can’t and you knew all
of your hard work would pay off I don’t care if it’s getting up at 4 o’clock in
the morning five days a week half hour quarter eating the same bland foods 70%
of the time whatever it took if you can imagine you actually having the body you
want building that muscle losing the body fat all in the context of your busy
productive life would you do it no matter what the challenge was you know I
think you would I mean a man like you who is watching our workouts for older
men live videos on a continual basis that’s even interested I know that to be
true of you right the thing is I I know that there’s just so much information
out there I talk to men just like you all the time whether it’s for five
minutes ten minutes or four weeks with one-on-one coaching and from my
experience just doing this for song and helping out so many men just pure
persistence working hard it’s gonna get you further ahead than most the chances
are great you already probably look better than 80% of the men out there
your age but you don’t work this hard just to get that far and I know that’s
where the frustration comes in you’re not getting the results you’re putting
in more work and what I found is that it’s just one or two things off the way
you’re prioritizing all the things to do maybe putting too much emphasis on the
things that don’t and not enough of the core things you’re
kind of doing them but not enough to make the difference and sometimes you
just need a coach and a friend and you’re not gonna get it from the videos
that’s that’s one thing I don’t care how many videos you watch there’s just too
much information out there and you’re perceiving it your way that what makes
sense to you but you don’t know it’s like to get to the other side tell me I
could clear that out for you reach out to me text me 9 2 5 3 5 2 4 3 6 6 if
you’re really ready to go to the next level just talk to me today fill out the
questionnaire of the 12-week Fitness transformation journey we’ll see if it’s
good fit be nice just to talk to see if I can answer some questions even if you
don’t go along for the 12-week fitness transformation journey alright it’s just
one or two things you’re just not giving him and I when I talk to the men again
smart successful men they tell me you know what if I didn’t talk to you I
would have never picked this up this nuance and it makes all the difference
in the world I want you to reach out I’m right here for you all right
yeah because again it’s not that you’re lazy it’s just that you’re uncertain and
how you’re prioritizing you let me just tell you because I know you’re watching
all the videos and it seems like you got and you’re probably thinking a skip
you’re a good guy seems like you got a lot of energy
for your age of 57 you’ve been doing this long time I did a Google search on
you I saw all those contests that you want in the pass but I know a lot what
can you possibly know that I don’t all right you want that to be true but you
can’t imagine what you don’t know if you put a lot of effort into it and I’m
telling you it’s the just the small subtle nuance right you don’t know what
you don’t know even though you’re doing better than most right I do all of this
for a reason you may not understand it but when you get to the other side you
will there’s a lot of things like that that even though you’re doing well if
you really want to crack that top 20% getting that 5% like me it’s one or two
things look you’re putting this effort and New Year’s coming up reach out to me
I’ll help you maybe it’ll just you know phone call I
want you get on my text looks nine to five three five two four three six six I
want you to talk to me about my ultimate 12-week Fitness transformation journey
if you’re really ready to make this new year than the year where you break
through through and get to that top 5% alright remember guys it’s the struggle
that makes you strong you are not lazy you just need to keep on keeping on we
need that resistance to become resourceful too gritty to reach out
finally to get to the other side right expect the best from yourself today
expect the best from your efforts expect the best from other people they’ll get
you it’s just a matter of time if you’re persistent how can they not get you you
are force to be reckoned with have a great day have an outstanding day have
an awesome day think big and think bigger than getting bigger you

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  • Cherie MacEachern says:

    I’m doing 1 set per body part a day ( it’s the only time I can squeeze in 45-60min),but I go to gym mon-sat, by Sunday I did 6 sets for back,chest,bi,tri,forearms,thighs,calves. Works for me.

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