No Bake Lemon Cheesecake Balls – Protein Treats by Nutracelle

alright guys today we are making lemon
cheesecake protein balls these are one of my daughter’s favorite recipes and
we’re actually making a double batch today so if you want to cut it in half
and make a smaller batch you totally can so let’s get started so you’re going to
need two packets of lemon jello mix make sure it’s sugar-free if you don’t want
any aspartame and your sort of an aspartame free person then you can get
other types of lemon flavoring so just replace the jello with lemon flavouring
you need one sorry one package of cream cheese and you’re going to need 1 cup of
plain Greek yogurt make sure you don’t use a vanilla Greek yogurt because
they’re typically full of sugar which of course we don’t want then we’ve got four
heaping cups of our dried shredded unsweetened coconut once again make sure you’re using unsweetened if you’re using a sweetened shredded coconut not
realizing it you’ve just put a ton of sugar into your recipe so make sure it’s
unsweetened and then we’ve got half a cup of your sugar substitute I’m using
baking stevia but you can use Splenda or any other kind of sugar substitute you
want and I also use a little bit of fresh lemon actually squeezed some fresh
lemon in it it really makes the lemon flavour pop and then of course two scoops
of our vanilla Nutralean and that’s it so we’re going to mix our dry
ingredients so go ahead and put those all in so our sugar and really the only
reason why we’re using a sugar substitute a little bit of extra sugar
substitute is because especially the Greek yogurt is a little bit tangy so we
do want to add a little bit of sweetener to complement that there’s our jello and I’ve already had a
little bit of jello already out lemon jello and then we’re just going to go
ahead and mix these dry ingredients up and then we’re going to add our two
scoops of vanilla it smells so good in here already get scoop number one there we go and scoop number two you could probably get
away with putting an extra scoop or two in there you could probably even add
more vanilla Nutralean if you wanted it to be even more protein but we’re going
to go ahead here with our two scoops and make sure that we have that mixed pretty
thoroughly and then we’re going to use our moist ingredients next okay so now
we’re going to put our Greek yogurt in and I’m just going to get a spatula so I
get all of the yummy Greek yogurt out here and once again using Greek yogurt
is really nice with a recipe like this because it does have that zip to it and
also because you’re getting some added prebiotics and of course some added
protein to your recipe and then I’ve softened my cream cheese a little bit
just in the microwave for a few seconds just so it mixes a little bit nicer for
us so we’re going to go ahead and I’m going to use a sturdier spoon here to
get that mixed really really nice and then we’re going to start to put our dry
ingredients into our wet ingredients now if you wanted to you could use a blender
a little hand blender or mixer I’m just going to go ahead because it’s fairly
soft and I’m just going to do it with my spoon so I’m just going to squeeze some
real lemon right into the bowl just like this you can just do it to taste so you
don’t really have to measure I cook a lot with lemon so we try to keep some
fresh ones in the fridge okay so now that we’ve got our wet ingredients mixed
up we’re just going to go right ahead and we’re going to dump in our dry
ingredients and then you’re going to use a little bit of elbow grease because you
do want these to firm up really nice so we’re going to go ahead and really start
mixing this in well together and then we’re going to form them into balls and
chill them okay make sure you take your rings off and once you have everything
the consistency that you want we’re going to go ahead and we’re going to
form these into little balls and then you want to chill them for about half an
hour so that they firm up really nice in your fridge so just take out a small
scoop squeeze it and then go ahead and roll it just like that
look at that perfect little ball all right so we’re all done rolling our
cheesecake protein balls these are so so easy to make don’t worry about it if you
don’t have fresh squeezed lemon you can add a little bit of lemon extract juice
if you have that around or you can even just leave it out they’re still going to
taste just fine now I’m going to give these a taste test
because I know how yummy they are and I can’t wait to eat one so let’s give it a
try oh my god so good you guys are going to love this
I can’t wait to hear your comments I hope you bake lots of these I’d love to
hear your variations and of course I’ll see you guys back next week thanks

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