Mental Fitness

we all have our excuses why we can’t
make it to the gym whether we’re too tired from work or we already have other
plans or we just want to stay in and watch your favorite TV shows well after
a while those excuses become a mental block so today we’re gonna break down
that block I am at 316 mind-body-soul with Ashanti to talk about breaking down
those wall of excuses of reasons why we don’t get our workouts in and you have
three great ways to motivate us but the first one really is talking about time
making time yes we’ve got to look at our time and start to understand what is it
that is our intention for the day and if working out as part of that you’ve got
to make that time to sync together your minds with your body if you’re gonna be
able to not only do the things that are necessary in your world for others but
you’ll also be able to add you into your to do this actually get it done this
time because you’ve taken the time to center
yourself and then you’re more inclined to doing it because you’ve started off
from that very real place not just an item that could be done tomorrow so it’s
not only about time but also how you feel mentally when it comes to mental
fitness what I call mental fitness is having the fortitude to keep going in
the face of imperfectness so it’s about giving yourself a chance
and trying even if you’re not perfect so that you can keep going and do greater
things I’m going to crush this I’m going to conquer this and that is being fit
mentally for her third tip Ashanti recommends
knowing where to go when it comes to getting moving what is it that you want
to do yes you want to restart your workout but is it just so that you can
feel healthier is it so that you can have more energy are you trying to lose
a couple of pounds what is the goal it’s because because again if you actually
achieve that goal that’s gonna continue to motivate you to continue to to go
further literally it’s all about mind body and soul you ready for a workout
let’s do it I’ve got a total body workout for us it’s easy for the person
that’s just resetting but the more you add on to the workout of course the
harder it’s gonna be so you’re ready to go I am ready to go all right let’s do
it so we always have to start off with a
warm-up so we’re gonna start off with jacks so you want to do at least about
say at least thirty of these you want to get your heart rate up and you want to
start to sweat a little bit so Thursday’s not gonna do it for you take
it to fifty so second movement let’s take it down to the ground four core
okay so you want to lean back and you want to bring your knees in but you
chest up to your knees also and then stretch up so you want to do as many of
these as possible until you actually feel it in your ab so for the last one
so we just did some cardio we’ve got into our core and now let’s go into
these quads okay so you want to take your leg straight out pull your toes
back and place your right heel on top of your left toe go ahead and lean back
like we’re at the beach and you’re gonna take your right leg and bring it all the
way out tap down and then bring it right back up
so the bottom line is connecting with your mind body and soul is really gonna
help you bust down those excuses absolutely I love it thank you so much
great information thank you for more motivation to move and another exercise
from Ashanti just head to our website living healthy should we do some
more ok

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