Life Update

Life Update

This video is super duper Last-minute. I just know that if I don’t film it now I will never film this video and I’ve been thinking about filming this video for Weeks now. This is a life update video. So it’s nothing fancy It’s just me sitting here talking to you guys and this year My life update video is going to be posted only on my site and in my apps it’s not going to be on YouTube because I just feel like It’s easier for me to be honest and authentic and just be myself here on my own platforms versus on YouTube So that’s what it is So if you’re watching this intro on YouTube and you’re a Premium Member on my site You need to go over to the website or the app log in and you will see the life update This life update video is going to be in the secret section. So with that being said I’m going to actually do the life update now. So this video is a Part two to the life update video that I did Last year, so if you watched last year’s life update This one’s gonna make sense if you didn’t watch last year’s life update then watch that one first and then it will give you some context for this one and I feel like you can kind of tell from the way I keep looking away from the camera that I feel like I’m gonna cry And I don’t know why like this. This is the weird thing about doing these life updates like it’s so different from everything else I do that I always feel very emotional about them so it’s gonna be short because It’s been a long day of filming videos, and I just I need to get this out so I don’t chicken out


  • Koboko Fitness says:

    What a year! What has been your biggest lesson learned in 2019? Drop me some gems down below 👇

  • Aisha Ali says:

    I really admire your fitness tricks keep going ! ❤️👍

  • Aisha Ali says:

    The lesson I have learned to make real friends.

  • HamiME Does art says:


  • Tricia A says:

    To wake up early, and to surround myself with positivity and inspiration


    Goal for 2020- not to let those societal "ideals" mess with my head

  • Alia Johnson says:

    Happy New Year. Thank you

  • lovingmesomebeauty says:

    So those who do not pay for subscription can not watch your video that’s sad. But that’s YouTube.

  • thirtyonepigeons says:

    Take care 💕

  • Heather Ward says:

    I'm not going to go over to your site and pay to watch this video. Nice try.

  • Star A.S.M.R says:

    Hi! Happy new years💕

  • Shiloh Cara says:

    That year taught me that I can't really depend on anyone and The only person that's got me is me. 2. The world doesn't stop just because I'm in a bad mood, and that I can choose to have a good or a bad day, it's up to me, and I can control my emotions. 3. I finally learned to Love myself, yes I have made mistakes but I've let me past go and I have this time now that God has blessed me with to be the best version of myself possible and to actively participate in life. 4. My soul is important and that I need to take care of it. 5. Appreciate my body image, working out is just a plus, and love what you see in the mirror. 6. I gotta make it OR make it, these are the options lol. 7. I need to stop worrying about what other people are saying and thinking about me, I'm different and that is okay. 8. Self Love was my biggest lesson of this year tho. Love my flaws and continue to grow. Everyday You should be growing. 2019 was a bit rough, it was a roller coaster, but Thank You 2019 for everything you have taught me. NEXT! 2020 is right around the corner! 2020 will be my year <3

  • R.S SONU SALMA says:

    There are many things that we realise that we are ought to do this and that but at times we end up procrastinating and doing nothing!

  • salma ahmed says:

    Such a stupid video to be honest.
    Just unsubscribed.

  • mirwena says:

    In a way this video is a bit mean. It is like telling people “if you are not paying, you are not worthy to be a part of my life. You cannot care since you do not give me your money”. If this content is only for premium users , just make it visible after logging in. Not teasing and pulling away :/
    Like your content but this is just mean.

  • e N n says:

    Wow, can't believe how negative these comments are. She makes a great service and ya'll wanna play entitled like she doesn't deserve to make money for doing hard work. Thank you so much for your channel! I can't afford your paid service, but from the results I've had "working out with you" I know it's worth it, and I'm glad that you offer your services and do so much personalized work with people. Have a great 2020!

  • empresserica says:

    The most profound lesson I learned is what you give out you get back…good and not good

  • itźel says:

    do not let these negative comments get to you ! .

  • Keke1980s says:

    Click bait & unsubscribed 👋

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