Greetings Friends Gamers in this new
channel video I bring you information from last minute for all those gamers
Play Station 3 and is that in this new channel stage we will be checking on
all players with sets, bags from the robberies, all the caps, a lot of money,
double turn, fast run and everything you you need for channel members if
you’re not part of it yet I’m going to leave you here in the description of this video all
the detailed information for you become one of them
this time I will be checking internally the account of the friend “Tucupey-pey” who is a member of the channel and is very anxious to check his account,
Of course, thank you Eduard for the invitation and completely excited
excited about this checkup you’re going to do, I want everything, I want you
put a lot of level, the devil’s level, I want you to put too much on me
money to sit next to Trump Very well that’s what we’re going to
place on account, fully checked, and Here I will show you in detail everything
what are we doing, also in the session we have friend K_A_R_L_A who
is with us sharing in this video and well how could you have already
appreciated we have placed the skills to the fullest, the combat roll mod,
one billion money, Los Santos Customs Liberated, The painting of weapons, snacks, weapons,
fireworks, vests unlimited, everything here on the channel, too
let’s set the level of the Crew, everything what can be placed, perfectly,
let’s apply too, let’s free trophies to this character, let’s
release all the awards, all right, come on to continue here with this and that is why
important that you subscribe, activate the notification bell, share this
content to keep bringing from news to the channel not only of
playstation 3 but also of Playstation 4 friends gamers, we are here
now releasing all the trophies of this character, that’s why sometimes many
of you tell me “Eduard chetame la account “,” Eduard check me the bill “, the external checks are constantly in the channel is invited a session, it is put
money, level is set, you are released Santos Customs can be put
as much as possible from outside without however to put the bag
the robberies, to put sets, to have the liberator, the DLC motorcycle
of independence, the DLCs unlocked and so on, you have to enter
the account and it usually takes approximately 1 to 2 hours
performing the entire procedure, so to be able to bring it for everyone,
we have decided, in this new stage, to promote it to all those who are now part of
the CHANNEL MEMBER community and now yes we are here in other phases, let’s go
putting money to K_A_R_L_A let’s continue here bringing you more news,
here with this male character how do do you feel Tucupey-pey? extremely excited
really yes, I’m seeing that, well huh, how long does it take? Money? look! How long have i been I dont know
how much new really, look how the weapons rain, I had never really seen them! well, we’re here, getting you Tucupey, who is very anxious, recently
just started gta 5, and in this case I wrote by the instagram “if there was
possibility to check your account “and I invited him to that will be part of THE CHANNEL MEMBERS and joined, as you can appreciate here, now if entering directly to the page
web let’s go to WARSTOCK let’s buy the Liberator so it stays
with her, there you have it Tucupey, the Liberator Do you know since when I wanted the Liberator?
I imagine everything you have done been wishing, we’re also going to
place here another of the things in the DLC of independence nothing more and nothing less than
the DLC motorcycle, “the DLC motorcycle excellent “, very good,
once purchased, perfect, and all this we are adding it here, all this
can only be placed when the cheating is internal, we are already in another
facet, let’s show the sets custom requested by friend Tucupey
before that we will appreciate here that we have released the independence DLC, very well, we have everything, practically all sets,
fully unlocked, let’s go to Accessories section for
the head, we have here the specials all beer caps, here, for
that you feel totally liberated, “yes leave me that hat, that hat is perfect “,
very well, we also enter the section of the upper garments, we will verify
here in the upper garments the area of the special shirts, let’s go on
search for them, all right, let’s go descending all that
unlock here with the Mod Menu Extortion latest paid version, you
we unlock and we put the account to you limit, to the maximum, if you are a CHANNEL MEMBER the guarantee is unlimited, “Eduard me
they banned the account, “come over here, be the we disbanded, “Eduard lost all my
money because a modder took it away, ” Come over here, I’ll get it back,
Truth Tucupey, of course! excellent, what more you want, and once here we will
go straight now to the barbershop we will check the paintings that
we have unlocked the character of Tucupey, let’s go straight to the
makeup and facial paint and here we have independence painting
we have also unlocked it friend Gamer, I know you’re anxious, I know what
you want this to put it on you, really I want to help you and that’s why
important that you support the channel with everything and even more becoming a MEMBER,
THE CHANNEL MEMBERS ARE THOSE that they will have more access to both
MOD MENUS, both to the games, both to everything related to accounts
Checked, from here we will go directly now to the section of
the masks, let’s release here, let’s go to the animals
let’s look here, here we have the wolf, the condor, we have the eagle here, we have
here the black bull, buffalo, all the masks fully unlocked and the gray bear,
well let’s put the bear, “the bear leaves the bear, the white bear “, there it is, the bear of
stuffed there they have it well let’s go to try here with this character, the weapons that we have post with infinite ammo, double spin,
excellent, let’s run with the fast run here you have it, very good, and
from here we are going to go now to Santos Customs … we are here Tucupey me
has asked me to give a name to the plate What is it? “Well my name Tucupey”, Tucupey we are going to place on the plate T20 the sports car we have here
practically the fastest in old generation,
we are going to place it with all the Letters we will go directly to accept,
we have already modified the plate very well of the car and we will proceed to enter
Los Santos Customs as you can see here in Los Santos
Customs, we have released it completely so you have all the improvements, both
engine, both spoilers, both everything need 100% armor here, the brakes
to the maximum, the bumpers the maximum that you have here, the engine totally
available, very good, exhaust pipe to maximum, we have here the part of the hood
everything carbon has to do we will place any musical note
which has also been released, very well, we already have the lights remember that in
this character will soon we will increase the level of the crew, what
enough to unlock the color crew, you will appreciate it friend
gamer, as you see here we have it totally still locked because I haven’t uploaded
the level of Crew that demands in this moment, let’s go straight to the
chrome color we have it we have also unlocked it
really yes I repeat remember that we are going to
continue placing the secondary color also chrome color, we can not place
still the emblem of Crew because still lacks a little more level,
very well, the ceiling in this case, the carbon air intake, let’s place
the skirts of this car, very good, of shark,
this car will fly because it will be totally tuned, to the maximum What do you think Tucupey?
excellent since when I wanted to have a car like that, are you
willing to win all races? all the race, all the games to
death? ahh well there it is, there you have it, so if you want to face Tucupey-pey add it so that it face in versus mode with the sniper and
he is going to show his skills by Max, well I’ll try, right? That’s Tucupey
and from here we are in the store of clothes, we have sets friends gamers, what you want what you You crave, I put the sets
custom, you tell me “Eduard I want this set, you simply send me
the picture and I put the whole that you want, with a police belt,
with the caps back, sets chess sets with the Joggers,
sets with the bag of robberies, which It’s so longed for
so you know gamer friend I hope that you loved this video
tutorial says goodbye to your exclusive friend Eduard Navarro, Tucupey’s friend “regards
guys thanks for watching this this video ” also friend K_A_R_L_A who is
sharing with us so now You know, share it, like it, like it,
subscribe and activate the bell of notifications to keep bringing
news to the channel we will go directly to online mode,
let’s go to players, let’s go to the Tucupey-pey account, there you have it level 666, all
the skills, more than 20 million deaths, and more than 5,600 Crew level, which
more want gamers friends, “awesome Eduard, thank you very much thank you for
to have been here ”

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