How To Increase Your Worth

How To Increase Your Worth

Welcome to lesson 4 of the BeeFriend course! In our previous lesson we learned about an
extremely important rule that we have to keep in mind to make sure that we’re making friends
and not enemies. In today’s lesson we’re going to talk about
a powerful concept that has the potential to 2x , 3x, heck even 5x, the speed of which
you make friends. Let’s imagine for a second that above every
single person’s head – is a number that represents how much they are worth. This is a concept that is often referred to
as value. And as shallow as it seems, as much as we’d
like to think we don’t do this, we are all automatically assigning values to the people
around us. See our brain and also the brains of most
other mammals have evolved to do this because it allows us to create a hierarchy in our
heads. It allows us to figure out who the most powerful
person in the room is. Who we should try to gain the favor of and
also who isn’t so useful and can be ignored. This was important because for millions of
years we humans used to live in tight knit groups. If you couldn’t identify and gain the approval
of the people with the highest values in this group, the people who were in charge, the
ones with the most power, your life would be at risk. Now you’re probably wondering. Improvement Pill that’s nice to know and all
but how in the world does this relate to befriending people? Well the higher your perceived value is in
comparison to the people around you, the easier it will be for you to befriend others. People will want to be your friend before
even meeting you. They will want to win your favor. However, if your value is too low – you
will have a much harder time making friends. In fact, people might even start ignoring
you. Now this brings up 2 questions. Number one how exactly do we determine what
our current value is? And number 2 what can we do to increase it? Well there are 3 categories of things that
humans look at when determining how much someone is worth. We’ll briefly go through each one and also
talk about what you can do to improve each of these areas. The first category is Looks. Someones physical appearance. We look at hygiene. Whether or not someone is well groomed. If you look and smell like you haven’t showered
in weeks your perceived value will be much lower. Go take a shower, get a haircut, do your laundry,
clip your nails, and take care of yourself. Because if you look like you can’t even take
care of yourself you’ll look like someone who can’t help take care of others. We look at physical attractiveness which can
be broken down into two parts. The first are indicators of health. If you’re extremely overweight, if you look
sick, if you look extremely tired – your perceived value is lower. This is because you look like someone that
will drag down the group. Hit the gym, fix your diet, and get proper
sleep. The second type of physical attractiveness
that we look for are good genetics which means you can produce healthy offspring. This has value because the only way we can
continue the human civilization is by producing offspring that survive into adulthood. So we instinctively look for things like symmetry
of the face for both genders, height, wide shoulders, and jaw line if your a guy, hip
to waist ratio, breast size, and youthfulness if your a girl. This is a touchy subject because many of these
things are impossible to change. You can’t really change things like your height
or the symmetry of your face. But the good news is that these factors are
only part of the puzzle. If you focus on everything else that can increase
your value you can still become someone of very very high value. For example it’s possible to get wider shoulders
and increase muscle mass by going to the gym. You can also use fashion to your advantage. Which is the final thing that we look for
in regards to Looks. The objects and clothing that you wear can
compliment the features of your body. Someone who is short can look taller, Someone
who is a chubby can look more muscular, someone who has poor face symmetry can create the
illusion of symmetry by using clothes and accessories to their advantage. The next category of things we look for in
order to determine someones value is Status. Essentially how much power they have. We look for indicators of wealth. Money is is literally a piece of paper that
has an assigned value. You can trade that paper for food. You can trade that paper for a house. This is why people like to talk about money
as an indicator of success because the more money you make the more valuable you technically
are. However, it’s not like you can just pull out
your bank statement and show that everyone you meet. Wealth is something that is best subtlety
conveyed. Fashion plays a big role, things like jewelry
and watches, but also how generous you are are all indicators of wealth. But it’s important to note that wealth is
something that is valued much more in developing countries as compared to modern ones. For example in NYC you won’t be impressing
anyone by wearing a fancy watch and flashing a couple hundreds. In fact people will most likely roll their
eyes at you. But in a developing country that’s a pretty
big deal. Either way it’s still important to have your
finances in tact because if you’re dirt broke you won’t be able to bring anything to the
table. Instead you’d be force to become a taker of
value, someone who needs the help of others to survive. People who can only take are immediately seen
as low value. Think about most homeless people. They are virtually invisible because they
are forced to beg for help. The next thing we look for in regards to Status
is someone’s career. We look for signs that tell us what sort of
role this person plays in the setting that we’re in. For example if you’re in hospital the guy
who is dressed like a surgeon is going to have more value than the guy dressed like
a nurse. If you’re in a night club the DJ is going
to have more value than some random dude on the dance floor. And finally the last thing we look for is
social proof. Basically how many friends you already have
and also how well known you are. If somebody walks into the room and everyone
says hi to them and they’re all smiling you wonder to yourself “wow who is that guy”
– but if someone walks into the room and just sits in the corner and plays with his phone
you don’t think anything of him. Social proof is one of the 2 most powerful
indicators of value. If a lot of people know you – you’re essentially
a celebrity and it doesn’t really matter what you look like or how much money you have – people
will automatically want to interact with you because of your fame. So if you’re not the best looking guy you
can still increase your value tremendously by simply learning how to befriend everyone
around you – which is essentially the purpose of this course. Before we get to the final area for determining
someones value – I do want to mention something very quickly. Going through a video course like the BeeFriend
Course of the Tamed Course is very powerful but it’s nothing compared to the results you’ll
get from a one-on-one coaching program. If you’re someone who really wants to change
and you’re willing to invest in yourself please sign up for my mailing list using the link
in the description box below to learn more about my upcoming coaching services. The final area we look at when determining
someones value is their demeanor, how they act. Your demeanor is equally as important as your
social proof. We look at body language. Whether or not someone has open or closed
body language. Things like good posture, an open chest, and
uncrossed arms are all indicators that you are relaxed. The more relaxed you look the higher your
perceived value will be. Because people who are relaxed tend to be
the people at the top. We’ll dive deeper into proper body language
later on in the course. Next up – we listen to someones voice and
tonality. If you have a high pitched voice it means
that your body is tense. You aren’t relaxed. And like we mentioned before if you don’t
seem relaxed your perceived value will be lower. There’s also going to be an in-depth video
on voice and tonality later on in the course. And finally the last thing we look at is something
called Frame. This is a rather complicated concept but to
sum it up it’s basically how easily effected you are by outside conditions. For example if someone was to make fun of
you, are you the type of person who would easily get offended or are you someone who
would just laugh because you don’t care. The stronger your frame is, the less you are
effected by outside factors, the more confident you seem in yourself. Which will increase your value. Think of value as a multiplier in front of
our equation so far. If you are someone who has an extremely high
value such as a celebrity you can literally befriend others 10x faster than normal people. I’m not saying you have to become a celebrity,
but you should definitely work on improving your overall value in order to 2x or even
3x the speed of which you make friends. This is a double edged sword because if you
let yourself go and let your value drop you will have to work twice or even 3 times as
hard as the average joe in order to befriend people. In our next video we’re going start the next
portion of the course. Which is all about body language. Body language is the most important factor
you need to keep in mind when it comes to initially making friends. If you don’t do it right you won’t find any
success. So make sure you subscribe, hit that bell
icon, and stay tuned.


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