How Physical Fitness Empowers the Mind – Jocko Willink and Echo Charles

How Physical Fitness Empowers the Mind – Jocko Willink  and Echo Charles

chuckle your podcast listeners and
Twitter followers know your before five daily meaning your up before five work
out essentially every day and are devoted devoted student of jiu-jitsu
what relationship do you see between physical fitness and empowering the mind
slash will when a man commits really commits to changing his fitness what
else changes well you heard Bob Hoffman talk about this a bunch tonight in his
book Bob Hoffman wrote the book the I remember the last war and he wrote the
book how to be strong healthy and happy and there’s no doubt that physical
fitness is gonna help you in every facet of life
especially in terms of what you’re talking about
empowering the mind and the will working out is a test of will right I mean it is
gonna see can you push yourself harder can you get the last rep can you shave
another second off the sprint can you lift a little bit heavier that’s that’s
what working out is it’s a test of will and that tester will and you’ve heard me
say this before starts before the workout starts it starts when the alarm
goes off can you get out of bed in the morning these are all little tests of
discipline and of will and as we’ve talked about before discipline begets
more discipline the stronger you get the stronger you get in physical will that
it takes to get through these workouts that it takes to get out of bed in the
morning that carries over to mental will so you can eat better food so you can
get work done so you can control your temper so you can create things and
improve things and you can be better now I remember a while ago speaking of
Twitter I posted a picture of early morning workout got done and then I
posted a picture of a little T post surf session and then I posted a picture of
post jujitsu session and you know so these
were all like three posts in a row and someone made some kind of a comment that
was kind of along the lines of oh must be rough right must be a rough life you
know you’re getting up you’re de surfing and doing jujitsu and and honestly when
I saw that when someone wrote that I kind of felt bad I kind of felt guilty
in a way because Here I am I’m going surfing and working out I’m training
jiu-jitsu I’m kind of living the dream or in fact in my mind I actually am
living my dream doing what I want to do when I want to do it
and and then there’s other people out there that are grinding that are either
overseas that are in combat that are working that are doing jobs that they
don’t like they’re working with people that they can’t stand in a cubicle
somewhere or whatever is they’re doing in here I was almost I felt like damn
I’m rubbing this in people’s faces and I actually felt bad I was like a bag I
can’t be doing that again in someone else on Twitter came on the same thread
or whatever and said discipline equals freedom they they quoted me and they
were right they made a great point the reason I’m able to go surfing and do
jujitsu and workout and do whatever is because of discipline throughout my life
and again I’m not making no claims right now to be the ultimate success story I’m
certainly not and I will tell you this you know I live in a great place right
now there was a time where my wife and I wanted to live down by the beach we
bought a house down by the beach a dump that was barely livable and it was 850
square feet and we had three kids in there and my wife and I our bedroom our
bed when you open the front door to the house and walked into the living room
our bed was the floor right there for a few years we
swear we just lived there and now we live in a great house but I have to
remind people like you know what there was a time where I just was sucking it
up and living on Navy pay and we squeezed into this house and borrowed a
bunch of money and lived on the floor in the living room but we had that
discipline back then and then the discipline eventually becomes a form of
freedom and so it wasn’t always like this where I was just chillin and
surfing and doing jiu-jitsu and playing guitar and whatever you know there was a
lot of blood sweat and tears along the way and I and and by the way the blood
sweat and tears along the way I actually enjoyed I enjoyed I wouldn’t trade it
I’m glad that I was put in those situations to do those things and most
importantly this is available to anybody that life that you want is out there and
it might be a few years in the future but it’s there and you can get to it and
the path the path getting there it starts early in the morning and it ends
late at night and it requires sacrifice and discipline and it requires force of
will and that comes at 4:30 in the morning when the alarm goes off that’s
when it comes so get up and go get it and that’s why I think that the idea of
physical fitness empowering the mind and the will I think that’s what happens
when you commit to those things I think the rest of your life will reflect
positively on what you’ve done and go guess what I’ve been real lucky too you
know I’ve been very lucky along the way and I won’t
I won’t say that uh you know I made everything happen myself I got lucky I
was blessed in a lot of situations it had good things happened I mean for
instance the housing market and I was in the Navy it didn’t matter
to me I mean I had a couple houses and I was like ah no problem I’d even noticed
there was a housing market crash until I was buying more houses and they were
cheaper you know it but it wasn’t that was luck didn’t plan that it was might
have been a long-term strategy hey I want to buy houses but you know a lot of
people got caught upside down and some rough situations in the housing market
and I was lucky in the fact that I hadn’t overextended myself again maybe
that’s partial luck partial strategy but that’s a situation again I’m just trying
to point out that I know I’ve been lucky in in in some of it but let’s make our
luck with some hard work for sure yeah just you pointing that out that you got
lucky you know and you’re recognizing it some people a lot of people they don’t
like they don’t want to recognize all the factors you know they’d it’s just
easy to blame something else for what didn’t happen and then blame not playing
but take credit yourself for something that does happen good you know yeah so
you’re you’re over here recognizing everything kind of the good
which is part of your discipline way of being um back to your Twitter post
situation that was that was good that was hey that was good right there I
thought and I know thinking about that someone who posted must be must be rough
right like a sarcastic yeah yeah yeah obviously that was just the fun yeah
yeah they were being a jerk I don’t think they were um so soul is buddy is
that out of the way yeah and it heat you actually in a in a good way some people
might be like hey I work for this stuff don’t say that you know take it the
wrong way or whatever what you didn’t you took it in the opposite way which it
says yet again more about you and your approach so that being said let me add
this little part to it where when you look at those Twitter posts like that
Twitter post right you have your you know the aftermath of your workout you
you know go look at or Instagram whatever you look at every single day of
your post every single day you’ll see 434 wake up you know workout for three
every single day and then step one step back and look at all of them while at
once that’s just the clear picture of your
discipline of your you know doing it every single day cuz like okay I
understand I can wake up at 4:30 for tomorrow if I want to and I’ll get a
workout in and I’ll be like look at me I’m Jocko and then go surfing go do
jiu-jitsu eat flank steak but if you expect me to do that every single day
and I’m not used to it and and I do it that same a lot more and you do that so
there’s your picture that’s what it is of course don’t focus on just that
little narrow view of how cool it was that he got to do Jiu Jitsu surf all day
cruise look at the big picture and that big just like I said discipline equals
freedom there it is there’s a picture right there right there on Twitter yeah
that was cool that uh that was cool that somebody actually had to point that out
to me when I read it I was like damn they they’re making a very good point
yeah yeah that’s like the perfect example in my opinion that discipline
equals freedom it’s like within that picture of freedom all you see is
discipline all over it I’m starting with the 434 in the morning and you know I
tell you I if I would have had more discipline throughout my life I’d be in
the even better situation than I am right now like I look back and say man
what did I do this for what I do that for and that’s one thing that as now
when people talk to me and ask me questions I’m trying to tell them what
mistakes I made things that I did wrong things that I did that was stupid so
that they can say oh okay cuz the opportunities are out there you know the
opportunities are out there to make good things happen in your life but you’re
gonna have they’re not gonna they’re not gonna show up at your doorstep they’re
not coming to your doorstep I’m gonna go ahead and tell everybody
that right now you have to go out and make of them happen yeah you have to go
out and take them because they’re not gonna come knocking on your door the
good deal is not coming your door not happening so crazy how obvious that
sounds you know that other like you saying that I’m not gonna be like hey I
never realized that I thought they were gonna come to my doorstep
but it’s almost like most people I don’t say most people but it’s almost like
people don’t really understand that that’s true because you have like people
who watch this TV like if you want you okay
remember lost remember that life I never watched it okay yeah yeah I watched a
few episodes but I remember people were just really into that and they’re like
talking about loss and the characters because that was a confusing show is why
I use that and they’re talking about this like they know all the details and
they’re trying to figure this out and over like seasons upon seasons of lost
and they know that like Brad you know what you could have been doing with all
that mental energy and and the time that it takes to watch all this you could
have been doing a lot and that loss example is just one of many examples of
what we all do I think well it’s very fitting it’s called it lost because you
lost a bunch of time and a bunch of opportunities in your life unless I mean
there’s things that could be so inspiring I guess some artwork there
were some art form or some film or movie or show that could be so inspiring to
you but if it’s not inspiring to you it’s not it’s not forcing you to get out
and make something more of yourself or create something more than it’s probably
not worth your while to be quite honest with it
right and again the whole you know lost situation I mean if that everyone’s
different I know but when you’re watching TV which is just I think a huge
one that people waste their time on I mean I can get some inspiration from TV
with cinema stuff because I’m in video but I think that I would argue that
that’s not why most people watch TV that’s not why they’re watching of
Keeping Up with the Kardashians I’ll tell you that so I’m not familiar with
this nonetheless people don’t act like that that’s true that opportunity’s not
gonna just come knocking on your door well it goes back to we’re talking about
earlier today are you gonna let are you gonna you only have so much time you
only have so much time in if you miss a workout if you miss a moment with your
family if you whatever you’re missing is it worth it yeah you’re letting it go
away you only got that day is only gonna go by one time you know you only got one
shot at today what do you do with it you know do
something good yeah interesting how again this is like nothing new you know
but I feel like work a lot of us act like that that’s simply not true I mean
that weird though yeah it is cuz it’s such a big you know you have a lot long
time on this earth if you if you just sit back and go day to day then waste in
a few hours watching a TV program maybe doesn’t seem like a big deal when you
add all those hours up and you subtract them from the actual time that you got
here man don’t let it go to waste don’t do it one of the guys unlost was
named mr. Eko by the way hmm I wish you wouldn’t have given me that
information from my head you’ve wasted space man I like Eko actual stick with


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    So many things said here confront me so much. So much time wasted on things that don’t inspire me to be better. I’m going to start today by appreciating and valuing the important moments of the day. It’s so easy to get sucked up by trivial entertainment. I needed to hear this. Thanks guys.

  • Papa Delta says:

    Discipline is freedom the first time I heard it was in MR Robot

  • Tahmid Bhuiyan says:

    Jocko's such a jock that he has 'Jock' in his name

  • Dean Eng says:

    Discipline equals freedom and get up and go get it is what I got out of this podcast that is awesome man!

  • Sir Earnest says:

    He said he a king you a king ti

  • Robert Martin says:

    Imagine being Jocko's kid. I'm honestly not sure if that'd suck or be awesome.

  • Edward Bowers says:

    Echo, Lost was definitely a weird show and it was becoming boring to watch!

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