HIIT STAIR CIRCUIT – by Blue Star Nutraceuticals

HIIT STAIR CIRCUIT  – by Blue Star Nutraceuticals

Rob Riches is here with Blue Star
Nutraceuticals and today you joining me at Drake Stadium UCLA in Southern
California look athletes have been incorporating
interval training into their routine for years as a way of improving athletic
performance and torturing body fat at the same time so today I’m going to
share with you through a combination of bleacher sprints and body weighted
resistance exercises how you can cut your cardio time in half and get a full
body workout at the same time so let’s get right into it and start things off
with our warmup the great thing about this style of
training is that you can literally do it anywhere and you really don’t need much
equipment if any at all all I’m using is a towel maybe some resistance bands but
I really want to increase the intensity and before we do anything we need to
warm up the muscles that we’re going to be training throughout today’s workout so a light jog up the steps on a hill or
even on flat ground just to get the heart beating and get that blood and
moving around the muscles on the way back down I’m simply sidestepping 15 20
steps to my left then turning around and repeating towards the right doing this
is a great way to warm up the joints the hips knees and ankles at the bottom
we’re going to perform a fight part hip stretch to take a big step forward into
a lunge position and drive your hips forwards keeping your chest
elevated you’re then going to place one hand onto your knee and turn to look
over your shoulder and then turn and pace your hand toward your back knee and
turn to look towards the foot and return to the front lowering one arm down
towards the other placing the other hand on your knee and sit back towards your
back heel straighten out our front leg and reach for the toes okay back into
our second warm-up run and for this one let’s pick up the pace a little take
longer strides and dig a little bit deeper once at the top we’re gonna turn right
back round head down continue with our Sidewinders placing one foot over the
other halfway down and then we’re gonna turn and repeat on the other side I really wanted to dig deep on this give
it everything you’ve got and get to the top as quickly as possible now we don’t
want to spend too long resting at the top so take a few deep breaths and get
back down to the start so that we can begin our first exercise the first of
our exercises are burpees now this is a great full-body explosive exercise and
we’ve got 30 seconds of these as you drop down towards the floor into a
push-up position simultaneously keep your legs out behind you and then in one
fluid movement back up bringing your knees up underneath your chest and
explode up reaching upwards towards the sky you should be getting at least 10 of
these there we go with the second interval
sprint now this one’s gonna be harder than the first given those last 30
seconds of burpees perform so it focus on taking deep breaths in on the way
back down our second exercise is crunches a great core abdominal movement
to help you carve up those six-pack abs keep the feet planted into the ground
and give your hands up by your temple exhale out as you crunch up squeezing
the abdominals breathing in on the way back down this movement really is one
that needs to be controlled so don’t rush take your time and perform them
correctly interval number three by now no doubt
you’re really feeling it we’re halfway through so dig deep drive those heels in
and go hard all the way to the top control your breathing on the way back
down breaths in through the nose out through the mouth we move right into
exercise number three tricep dips for the back of the arms the goal here is to
stop the elbows flaring out and only lower yourself down so that shoulders
meet the same height as your elbows you know I love the style of training he
utilizes both body fat and muscle glycogen as fuel during these interval
runs and body weighted exercises and what that means is it ramps up my body’s
metabolic rate long after this workout is done I’m along with blade those
results I magnify even more you know I’m interested in hearing what you the
viewer wants to see more if you like these outdoor workouts you want to see
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continue on with our fourth set of interval sprints here we go with our fourth interval
sprints remember for vista on a fast paced all-out effort training really
does tap into body fat stores as an available fuel source
it also ramps up your metabolism meaning that your body burns that much more
calories long after the workout is over especially when compared to a
steady-state cardio or duration our fourth exercise push-ups but no ordinary
type of push-ups the goal here is to keep the feet elevated higher than the
shoulders making it that much more harder for your chest and tricep to work
and push up that weight during these 30 seconds you may be there so let’s dig
deep and finish strong our fifth and final interval sprint no
excuses all-out effort give it everything you’ve got
get to the top remember this is one of the most effective ways to torch body
fat use it as fuel and ramp up your metabolism I’ve saved the best for last
this is one of the most challenging but most effective exercises within this
workout Tao pools now wrapping a towel around a fixed vertical pole sit down
into a squat with your arms extended put on the towel lifting yourself up and
drive up through the heels you’ll feel this working in the quads the glutes and
especially in the biceps I love this one okay that wraps up today’s video
remember that this style of interval training especially when combined with
our body weighted exercises really does help utilize body fat as fuel and can
cut your cardio time in half now compare that to your steady-state cardio where
your calorie burn is only really elevated for the duration of that cardio
the results from this style of training will continue long throughout the day
and that’s magnified when we use blade so on that note do make sure you
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nutraceuticals stay motivated train hard I see you guys back here real soon for
more great training videos see you then you


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