GTA 5 Tryhard Modded Outfit Pastel GP Player! GTA Online Pink Joggers Clothing (GTA 5 Glitches)

imrobertz1 and in today’s grand theft
auto online video I will show you how to get my GP player outfit tutorial and I’ll
also show you an easier method to get the pink joggers and any colored joggers
after the new update okay let’s get right into the video the best job to
start up is any drop zone job because you don’t have to worry about other
players trying to kill you while you’re trying to save the outfit
to get this job go to jobs play jobs Rockstar created a Vasari mode and pick
any drop zone job once the job starts up hold down select go to style helmet
visor and hit right on the d-pad for about 20 or 30 seconds now do not touch
anything and wait for your character to get kicked from the job for not moving
once you get kicked from the job spam on a until you’re in the clouds when you
spawn online you should have the drop zone outfit now to complete my GP player
outfit pick the pastel green smoking jacket then pick the white studded
sneakers the cool thing about this outfit is you can wear any mask without
a hat with the helmet save the Alpha and you’re done like I said before gaming
online is all about looking unique and different and having a GP player outfit
and the pink joggers will definitely set you apart from the rest a long time coming but now I’m here and
the brat with boots these news is now oh yeah and I’m on track if you’re new to
my channel why not subscribe follow me on Google+ I upload all the awesome
showcase glitches tips and tricks that’s all I have for you today I’ll see you
guys in my next video but that’s me nobody dead good grief
I’m just here trying to hold on over to felonies I got dudes to hold my throne
they’re trying to drag the boat you

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