Full Day Of Eating For Reversing Type 2 Diabetes. Doctor Recommended!

Hey everyone this is Dr. Ryan Shelton. If
you have diabetes you know how important lifestyle nutritional dietary choices
are for controlling your blood sugar levels. If you struggle with what to eat
for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. This video was created just for you. I
want to review a 24 hour meal plan for individuals with diabetes. There are two
words that I want to emphasize colors and protein colors and fruits and
vegetables and high protein even though the term high protein diet varies in
definition from one study to the next evidence supports the idea that eating
0.8 grams per kilogram body weight results in less hunger reduced appetite
increased energy levels and preservation or increase of the blood sugar levels
that you’re so desperately trying to control a recent meta-analysis study of
74 randomized controlled trials showed that eating higher protein diets
significantly reduced cardio metabolic risk factors and risk factors for
diabetes body weight BMI weight circumference blood pressure
triglycerides fasting insulin while high carb diets did just the opposite we know
that higher protein diet is better and one study showed no significant
difference between protein from animal sources and protein from vegetarian
sources what cannot be ignored however is the way in which food and the sources
of protein are prepared the high cost of high heat cooking in a randomized
controlled study showed that high heat cooking was deleterious or had negative
effects for diabetes so we’re talking about meth
of cooking including boiling poaching stewing steaming rather than frying
baking or grilling the premise of the study was that harsher cooking methods
increased the formation of advanced glycation end-products or ages that
exacerbate insulin resistance the the study showed that consuming age high
heat cooking foods showed more signs of inflammation and more signs of
glycolysis and poor glucose control in fact the order in which we eat our meals
can also influence insulin sensitivity even though most people don’t consider
this in their dietary routines a study showed that both blood sugar and insulin
levels were lower after meals that started with protein and veggies before
carbohydrates compared to eating carbohydrates first so even the order in
which you eat foods is important finally vinegar shots or apple cider vinegar
before meals has been shown to improve insulin sensitivity now I’m gonna go
over some foods for breakfast lunch and dinner I’m not gonna cook for you I am
gonna cook for you but you will not see the cooking process I’m gonna cook these
foods and plate it for you to show how delicious breakfast lunch and dinner can
be and how important choices in your dietary regime throughout the day a
24-hour regime can help to control blood sugar levels so stay tuned breakfast
lunch dinner and snacks will all be reviewed all right let’s talk breakfast
when it comes to breakfast we want high protein and lots of colors the adage
goes eat breakfast like a king lunch like a prince and dinner like a popper
we want a of calories for breakfast so it
sustained your energy and blood sugar levels throughout the day now the recipe
that I would recommend it’s just one of many poached eggs over a bed of spinach
why eggs eggs are high in protein the yolk of eggs are high in carotenoids
like lutein and zeaxanthin why poached eggs poached eggs because we’re avoiding
the high temperature cooking that can cause problems for diabetic patients now
how do you best poach an egg take a medium sized saucepan and fill it with
water not quite fill it but place water and it put about a tablespoon of white
vinegar to help congeal the egg whites take a good inspire or a metal spoon and
start swirling the water and then with a small bowl with the egg inside as the
water is rotating pour in the egg and you’ll get a nice tight poached egg Plus
poaching an egg does not break the yolk therefore the cholesterol within the
yolk does not become oxidized so it’s much safer for your overall health
so coach two eggs and with a slotted spoon take out those eggs and place it
on a bed of lettuce and we got to have more colors this is just this is just
yellow white and green I like to go Southwest with my eggs because we’re
able to add more antioxidants more colors so a bed of spinach a little bit
of bell pepper so some red some orange and some yellow a little bit of green
onion as well and to add extra protein we put on some shredded cheese again Southwest style we had a little
bit of salsa on top actually processed tomatoes like tomato paste diced
tomatoes and even salsa contain higher amounts of an antioxidant called
lycopene so Southwest style with the eggs is delicious as a side to this
again we’re trying to get a lot of protein we’re trying to get a lot of
calories for breakfast I like to do cottage cheese with sliced
avocado you’re getting those those healthy fatty acids from avocado the
proteins in the cottage cheese and then I add some berries raspberries
blueberries again for those proanthocyanidins for those powerful
antioxidants that we know help with diabetes and some nuts and seeds some
almonds and pumpkin seeds a couple of cashews in there as a side so if you
have this breakfast it will control your blood sugar for several hours high
protein lots of colors healthy fats poached eggs and then of course have a
cup of green tea for those antioxidants those catechins and epic Addison’s
contain in green tea as a beverage and I like to do what’s called a flax seed
flax seed slider so I take about a tablespoon of flax seed put it in a shot
glass fill it about half full of water let it soak overnight so that flax seed
helps to absorb some of that water it’s great fiber
it’s a great source of omega-3 fatty acids and you just take it down like a
shot so poached eggs that have spinach some peppers some onions some cheese
some salsa cottage cheese with avocado slices
berries raspberries blueberries blackberries whichever berries that you
prefer and some nuts and seeds this is going to be high protein high
antioxidant to help support your blood sugar levels while I’m waiting for my
soup to finish up I want to review some of the ingredients and recipes for a
great lunch if you have diabetes it’s a salad and a soup a soup and a salad
pretty traditional it’s high in protein high in colors packed full of
anti-inflammatory agents both in the salad and the soup so the salad I like
to make is a version of the Cobb salad or or chef’s salad I use greens a
mixture of spinach and mixed greens and butter Bibb lettuce I use a hard-boiled
egg some turkey bacon avocado sliced up some cheese
blue cheese is traditional in a Cobb salad but you can use any shredded or
sliced cheese that you wish sliced or diced tomatoes I top it off with
cranberries green onions and roasted beets now how do I cook my chicken I
slow cook it with olive oil lots of herbs and spices over the stove it
typically takes about a half an hour but those slow cooking methods are sure
worth it versus high temperature cooking methods how do i roast my beets I put
them on a baking sheet drizzle a little bit of olive oil over the top a little
bit of salt a little bit of pepper and then I sprinkle on a little bit of
rosemary a little bit of thyme bring out the flavor of those beets plus the
antioxidant effects that you’re getting from thyme and rosemary as well a great
soup for a diabetic is a bean soup because beans and legumes really help to
control blood sugar levels I like a coconut black bean soup you get the
benefits of the MCT that’s contained in coconut
and all of the benefits of coconut milk so a coconut black bean soup about a can
of rinsed and drained black beans about a can of diced tomatoes a can of coconut
milk cup of vegetable broth 2 chopped green onions and a tablespoon each of
ginger cumin and turmeric two cloves of garlic chopped salt pepper and I top it
off with fresh chopped parsley again for the flavor and the antioxidants that
parsley contains so you combine the black beans tomatoes coconut milk
vegetable broth green onions ginger cumin turmeric and garlic and a large
saucepan bring to a boil reduce the heat and simmer until it achieves the
consistency that you’re comfortable with typically for me that’s about a half an
hour seasoned with salt and pepper it’s delicious now this is a superb lunch if
you have diabetes salad and coconut black bean soup so again the ingredients
in the salad greens I use a mixture of of mixed green spinach and butter Bibb
lettuce grilled chicken boiled eggs turkey bacon sliced avocado the cheese
of your choice diced tomatoes I top it off with some dried cranberries just for
those extra antioxidant effects and flavor green onions roasted beets and
for the dressing I use about a 1/3 cup of red wine vinegar about a tablespoon
of Dijon mustard 2/3 cup olive oil salt pepper i infused this with herbs as well
whisk it up and that’s a great healthy nutritious dressing for your salad so
there you go and then for the soup the coconut black bean soup a can of rinsed
and drained black beans a can of diced tomato a can of coconut milk a cup of
vegetable broth 2 chopped green onions a tablespoon of ginger cumin turmeric 2
cloves of like salt pepper and parsley a fantastic
high protein high antioxidant dinner for diabetics enjoy alright now let’s talk
dinner for dinner what I like is salmon the type of salmon that I choose is wild
salmon typically from the Pacific Northwest or Alaska because it contains
significantly less heavy metals and pesticides and other toxins that are
found in farm raised salmon so wild salmon filet my family likes to put
pesto on top you can certainly marinate it for a bit in tamari and honey and
herbs and spices but my wife and my boys just love this simple pesto on top not
only are you getting the essential fatty acids in the salmon but you’re also
receiving the antioxidant effects a basil which is contained in pesto for a
vegetable I love steamed broccoli so steamed broccoli for about 10 or 15
minutes just until the consistency is reached and then I put on herbs and
spices on top and then my only white food that I like is cauliflower whipped
cauliflower it’s a great alternative to mashed potatoes you place it in a
steamer for about 10 or 15 minutes just to break it down a little bit and then
you saute it in olive oil for about 5 minutes or so and then add some herbs
and spices to it I use a stick blender to whip it up and it is delicious so we
have wild salmon steamed broccoli if you don’t like broccoli you can use
asparagus or zucchini and then the whipped cauliflower a great alternative
to mashed potatoes a fantastic dinner if you have diabetes hey while we’re waiting for dinner to
get ready I want to talk about snacks for diabetes if you have diabetes you
know how important it is to keep your blood sugar levels stable and level
throughout the day so in addition to breakfast lunch and dinner incorporating
at least a few healthy high-protein snacks is very important what are the
options the options are hummus with vegetables or apples the options are an
avocado a hard-boiled egg you can eat celery or apple with almond butter or
peanut butter a great snack nuts and seeds a great snack high in fatty acids
that are good for diabetes yogurt with fresh berries plain yogurt with fresh
berries blueberries raspberries you can make a tuna salad so drain the tuna put
it in a bowl and I like to use olive oil-based mayonnaise chop up some celery
some relish add some herbs and spices delicious high-protein snack you can
also have popcorn great snack edamame unfortunately I don’t have any edamame
to show you because my boys hate all that we had last night with their dinner
but edamame boiled for five minutes add a little salt and pepper delicious
so snacking is so important for diabetes just choose high-protein snacks all right so there you have a team my
24-hour meal plan for diabetes helping to level blood Sugar’s control blood
Sugar’s and potentially reverse the effects of high blood sugars and
diabetes now obviously these are just a few recipes breakfast lunch dinner and
snacks I encourage you to explore with high
protein and several colors I would recommend nine colors every single day
and high protein at least 0.8 milligrams per kilogram body weight of protein I’m
honored and thrilled that you’re watching this video from around the
world if you have recipes and dietary regimens and plans I encourage you to
post them so that other people can learn from you I believe in the original
meaning of the word dr. doe Kari which means teacher I’m here to teach you how
to control your blood sugar but this is a community diabetes is tragic and it
can wreak havoc on your life and your loved ones so eating a diet that’s high
in protein and includes multiple colors every single day is key so I want to
teach you I want you to teach us and the community as well we’ve actually created
a supplement called blood sugar premier which helps to control blood sugar
levels I encourage you to check that out we have a website zenith labs.com we
have instagram page we have a Facebook page check those out we have multiple
posts on blood sugar on diabetes on inflammation on cardiovascular disease I
want you to learn I want to take you by the hand and have you in control of your
health and well-being thanks so much. I’m Dr. Ryan Shelton.

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