Foundation Training in 2 minutes:

Foundation Training in 2 minutes:

Foundation training teaches you how to
use gravity to your advantage to become strong and relieve pain in order to
understand how this works ask yourself this when was the last time
you saw an animal working out to stay strong they don’t have to because they
evolved to use gravity instinctively to be healthy the same is true for us we
also need to use gravity to stay strong and pain-free by absorbing force through
our muscles making our movements regenerative and our bodies strong but
when we are compressed this force is shifted to the skeletal system and
joints which degenerate and break down causing imbalance and pain and the pain
cycle continues medicines can numb the sensation of pain
but they don’t make you better they just mask the pain and can cause scary side
effects and when they wear off the pain returns there is a better way people
around the world are turning to foundation training as a solution
foundation training is a series of corrective body weight exercises that
can be done anywhere with no equipment it taps into your natural strength and
ability and shows you how to use gravity to counterbalance the changes that
inactivity and sitting cause any body of any age can learn foundation training in
just a few minutes a day you can take back control over your well-being
making you stronger balanced and pain-free when pain is no longer a
barrier you move up the wellness scale and can get back to living life feeling
healthy and strong and you can enjoy our modern conveniences without the pain
they caused foundation training is the key to changing the patterns that hold
you back where are you on the Wellness scale where do you want to be heal your
pain and discover your potential with foundation training


  • Niklas Holm says:

    List of certified instructors to get in touch with on a local/country level??

  • all lo says:

    I have a disk protrusion since almost two years. Eventually swimming, foundation training and yoga helped a lot with the pain and the muscular stabilization! Just wanted to say thank you <3

  • 3Sing says:

    what software makes this type of video?

  • Paul Carter says:

    Awesome overview guys thanks for the power of prevention and longevity

  • ryan dewitt says:

    It definitely works, I'm a delivery driver for a soft drink company that over the years has done a lot of wear and tear on my back, I started doing Foundation training about a month ago and it has significantly helped the back pain subside. Thanks Dr Goodman

  • Melody *** says:

    Should there be adjustments to foundation training while pregnant, especially when the belly causes the arch in lower back

  • John A says:

    Very C O O L ! ! !

  • Chris Sigouin says:

    It seems to me from the exercises on the few videos I’ve looked at you are addressing primarily a pattern of tight hamstrings, weak lumbar extensors, a super common problem many people face leading to flattened low back and disc injury, so awesome and very beneficial for many of my pt’s/clients. Do you have stuff in your program to address other faults, such as chronically shortened hip flexors (likely congenital), causing increased lordosis, and ground low back pain as a result? (My personal issue)

  • tasunka maza says:

    Dr Eric Goodman saved my life!!

  • mridul chopra says:

    I cant find 12 minutes foundation training video. Why did you guys delete it ?
    Please upload it

  • Harley Osterlund says:

    Why did the 14 minute video of lower back foundation training with the 2 male short guys get deleted????

  • Cris Alonso says:

    Eric! Ive been using your Foundation Training video for years and it is no longer available. I´m so sad.

  • Bikepark167 says:

    What happen to the 12 min original foundation training video? says its private now..

  • James Hall says:

    Good stuff! Thanks Dr Eric Goodman!

  • bayram uysal says:

    I begon today but it was difficult for me I will do exercise tomorrow again hopely but the trainings are difficult to me hopely I got stronger

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