Football Athletic Training – Strength and Fitness Drills of a German Pro Club

Hi, I’m Schorsch Wallner. I’m the rehab and athletics coach of Spielvereinigung Unterhaching and I also have a degree in sports science. Athleticism is a cornerstone in any sport. You can’t maximize your performance if you’re not a hundred percent fit. We’re going to show you athletic drills in this video which cover all muscle areas of the human body and are designed to improve physical strength and stability. We can achieve all this through well-structured and systematic athletic training, which activates all muscle areas of the body. Players on a high level of fitness usually need less regeneration time than others. They can train more effectively, be more efficient and are more concentrated during the exercises. Our basic principle is to minimize the injury risk of our players, while making them more efficient at the same time. We work on our players’ imbalances and their lack of mobility and try to stabilize them in their movements so that they’re able to get the most out of their bodies. The stability workout is suitable not only for professional athletes, but also for any recreational athlete or office employee that wants to become more efficient and get better physical stability, and also wants to go through life more injury-free.

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