FITINDEX Vibrating Peanut Massage Ball | Product Review | Massage Ball for Golf Fitness

Hello and welcome! Are you a golfer who
suffers from occasional or maybe even regular soreness or muscle tightness and
you’re finding that is impeding you at work but especially in your golf game? If
that’s you, then this video is for you. Today we are going to conduct a product
review on a product that’s just for you the FITINDEX Vibrating Peanut Massage Ball. Sometimes we need more body care than we
have the time to go get, or afford. No problem! That’s what we’re going to take
a look at this product here – the FITINDEX Vibrating Massage Peanut Roller.
It’s really interesting, really cool – so let’s get into it! So even if you aren’t
a connoisseur of Massage Therapy at this point in time,
please understand and know that most of us know even if you don’t know what you
feel it our daily lives put a tremendous amount of stress on our bodies from
sitting up from the steering wheel – you know – two to three hours a day, from
typing at a keyboard constantly to texting ( the old hunch you know it’s causing
real problems for many of us.) It’s putting a lot of strain and stress on
our skeletal systems which then support our muscular systems, so it’s really
important for us to try to manage and mitigate those aches and pains just from
a practical level as a golfer, all of those things really affect our enjoyment
of a game but even more so our range of motion and consistency in swinging
movement so anything we can do to manage that is a real plus! So now I mentioned
how we’ve come so far in exercise science and we know so much about so
much more about the body, there are now an absolute plethora of products on the
market focused on massage therapy and percussive therapy devices in particular
and they are awesome – unbelievable in fact – there’s a wide wide range of too
many to count. Ranging from moderately expensive say
maybe in the $50 to $60 range all the way upwards to six or seven hundred dollars,
so obviously there’s something for everyone in there. But we thought we’d
start with our review of some of these important products by starting at the
lower end for a product that’s accessible for most anyone and so that’s
where we’re starting today with the FITINDEX Massage Peanut!! Just FYI – I’VE
probably botched up this name two or three times in this video but it is by
FITINDEX and the actual name is the FITINDEX Vibrating Peanut
Massage Ball. I think I keep screwing up because it looks like a peanut, hey?
Peanut not a ball but actually it’s called Peanut Massage Ball. I wanted to
get that straight! Okay, so when I received the product in a nice simple box.
Here it is you can see – very nice lightweight. One of the things I really did
enjoy about the box was not too much waste. I mean you know it’s got to be conscious
here, right? Inside the box is very simple packaging. We had the AC cord right, so it
just plugs in simple outlet right and it plugs into the side there and the actual
unit itself very handy kind of looks a lot like a little dumbbell or something
like that you know I you can actually double for sure there’s a nice little
dumbbell so nice concise packaging so the first thing I noticed you and I took
the out the box and kind of you know fiddled around with it is that this is a
very nice and solid device. It comes in I believe about seven inches in
length and I guess about two or three pounds and then when I looked up on the
documentation it weighs just under two pounds at one point eight pounds, so it’s
great it’s nice and light but it has the bulk that it will need to
support your body as we begin using it and using it for therapeutic device
purposes (excuse me). Now the one other things great it’s made of this various
kind of smooth yet tacky silicone design and that is great because a couple of
things antibacterial easy to clean and of
course we’re going to be using it and touching it and so you know multiple
people can use it of course but also a lot of times we’re kind of tacky after a
workout – sweaty – and we’ll need to keep it clean and fresh right always and these
grooves make it easy to hold onto when you’re rolling on it but even just
simply holding it and that’s important because I mean it is at the end
a couple of pounds and we don’t want to drop it so smooth silicone
rubberized feeling good work. So now I think that one of the biggest benefits
of this little unit here is that it IS small and that’s a great portability so
whether that’s fitting into your gym bag, or you know kind of throwing it in the
car or even throwing it in your roller board if you’re about the travel. That
makes it convenient & ease of use, right? And you can use it frequently to help
help improve and maintain good body care. Now for those of you who travel a lot – traveling golfers – this is great! Think about how easy this
is to carry when you’re going on that trip and you’re going to play 36 rounds (holes)
a day for days, you know you’ve got to take care of that body. You’ve got a
little soreness and a little tightness and of course you want to play well each
day, so we need to take care of ourselves. Sometimes we may not have time or
resources or access to run down to the local massage therapist or the hotel
spot right so this is perfect. The device has four modes: low, medium, high and auto. And there are, it’s hard to
kind of see there, but you can maybe perhaps see the little lights there that
they are illuminated at this time but they’re four dots here and there’s a dot
representing each level so add it to it if you will so with this let low one dot
medium two dots so on and so forth so you get a good idea of the power and I
will tell you you’re probably will be very surprised pleasantly surprised at
the vibratory power that this little thing generates! I’ve got to tell you I was
shocked. I had no expectations so I guess maybe that was part of it, but it’s very
powerful so let’s turn it on and see what it’s all about. So I’m just going to
leave it in my hand so you can kind of get an indication of the vibratory power
of each level so I’m turning in on what’s probably kind of good that having
this bracelet because you can hear the shake! So that’s level one. Level two – you notice my hands moving
pretty well. Level three – you hear it revving up. It’s going well – my whole arm
is feeling and I’m just holding it in my hand, folks. I can feel it all the way up
to my shoulder, in my scapula, which is a good thing. Highest level – it’s a lot
going on here. This is a really good little piece of technology here, and so
to stop it you just hold it out for about two
seconds and it shuts off nicely. There’s also (of course) you can shut it off
manually by just holding that down at any time during the cycles. Now in
addition to those blue lights that indicate the vibratory level that you’re
on, they’re also red lights here that will tell you the battery level, so when
you’ve been fully charged of course there’s three lights and then it kind of
goes down. Battery time is very good here. So when I initially charged it right out
the box it had a little bit of juice but of course I wanted to begin putting it
through the paces so I wanted to have a full charge and I wanted to see how long
it took. So the first charge took about two hours and what I found is that depending
on the frequency of the level that I’ve been using it at that the charge you
will of course be dependent on that so for example I found I use it quite a bit
on the low to medium levels that seems to be sufficient for my body and the
places where I’ve had the most success in using it and then so then once it
once the battery is depleted the charges take about two hours so in those
instances where I was using it at the much higher level particularly on the
larger muscles my glutes and the hamstrings that charging took a little
bit longer I guess the battery was just kind of wiped out and that took anywhere
between three and a quarter to three and a half hours. But it’s no big deal.
Use it, plug it in, go someplace else, do something else and it’s ready to
go because when it’s ready it is full full full power so it’s a good charge in
reasonable time. So we’re learning about the FITINDEX Vibrating Peanut Massage
Ball. Tell me this: What part of your body or parts of your
body do you think you’d be most likely to use something like this? Let me know
in the comments below. So as I just mentioned you can always up
down the vibrating peanut at any time during a cycle has the four modalities.
As I mentioned and each of them no matter that that mode lasts ten minutes
so in ten minutes it’s gonna max out. You simply just hit the button again but
know that it will just not keep constantly going. So my overall thoughts
of this device – this is a great tool for overall management of some basic body
work. It’s cost-effective, it’s compact, it travels well, it’s well built – very sturdy
and so it’s a great place to begin. Moreover for some active relief and
therapy and maintenance of the body, it is just about the size of where it works
really well as a roller so you can find that you can get on the ground
on your mat, you know and roll out those hamstrings, the glutes, hips, flexors I
have really tight flexors so I use it all the time in that regard. It’s great
and it’s simple. Now I will say this because of its size and its
design, it is not going to compete on a precision basis with some of the
higher-end therapy guns that are on the marketplace. At the same time, this
retails for around $60 but we have really good pricing below! :Please check
down our affiliate link below this is retailing at $60 or less and many of the
therapy guns enter the marketplace that entry point might be 250 or 300 dollars!
Recently I was at a trade show and I saw several of them selling for an excess of
five or six hundred dollars, so fifty dollars maybe at most or five hundred
dollars – this is a great starting point to know if a massaging tool or
percussive device is for you. Of course there’s always room to upgrade right but
we need to start somewhere. So I highly recommend this and found it to be
delightful! So I hope
that you’ll give it a try! If you enjoyed this video and you found it to be
helpful, please let us know. We thank you for taking the time to spend with us,
and we will see you in the next video!

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