Endurance versus Stamina. Stamina defined.

– One of the most important
pieces of this class is the re-definition,
re-defining of stamina. Because most people when
they hear the word stamina, what word do they substitute for it? – [Class] Endurance. – Endurance, okay, they
substitute endurance. And that’s cool. I mean, they’re kind of the same thing, but most people whenever
you think about stamina, most people associated it with what? – [Class] (mumbling) – Well, what does it mean? – [Female Class Member] Could be ability. – Yeah, the ability to do what? To do something for a long time, right. Most people define stamina or endurance as the ability to keep going,
the ability to do something for a long period of time. How many of you understand that
there is a major fatal flaw in that definition if you
want to actually use it to get better? How many of you, I’ll use
my stupid example from S-phase golf or R-phase,
how do you know golfers that have been playing golf for 30 years and they never improved, right? They’re still the same golfer now that they were 30 years ago. That is a fine example of stamina, as most people define it. Meaning, I just keep
playing, I just keep playing, I just keep playing,
but I’m never improving, I’m never getting better. So the way that I want
you to think about stamina from now on is the ability to endure excellent repetition over time. The ability to endure
excellent repetition over time is how I view stamina
and that’s a considerably different perspective
than most people have and it’s a really, really useful one. Why I love is that whenever
you first start training to do something well, do you
think you can do it a lot? What do you think? Most people really struggle
to do something well for long periods of time
and maybe you’ve experienced this is the past. How many of you have done
some sprint work with me? Some of you have? When you first start
doing sprinting with me and we’re actually working
on your strength technique, how quickly do you fatigue? Pretty darn fast. It’s like, ugh, I’m
exhausted and I’ve only done five or 10 minutes of work
because it’s completely different than how you’ve ever run before. Or you’re thinking so
much about the process. That’s called deliberate practice. So, deliberate practice is more demanding and it takes time to build up the ability to deliver practice. Again, think about this. I want you to go, as we
go through this class, we’re going to be doing breathing work and pain control and
relaxation under stress and all these different things, so, I want you to understand
that building stamina from the way that I perceive it, is about doing excellent repetitions.

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