DIY Distressed Fringe Joggers

Hey guys, its Angela. Welcome to my channel RunwayDoneMyWay. Today’s episode is called Fringe Benefits
inspired by this year’s fashion week. So every since street style became a thing,
dressing up without dressing up became an art. Today I want to go and show you two easy ways
to revamp joggers that will give you that cool, casual, effortless feel that we call
street style! Let’s go ahead and get started and I will
see you at the end of the video! To update the look of your joggers, you will
need two yards of fringe trim.I’m starting by spraying bleach on them and then leaving
them out to process. Next step, use your seam ripper t let out
the side seam. I also like to use the seam ripper to distress
my joggers, so I am putting a bunch of holes randomly up and down the joggers. Now that the side seam is open, I am going
to go ahead and install the fringe. This is how I do it because it is easier for
me. I start with the joggers right side out, I
then turn the joggers inside out and reposition the fringe. This allows me to reposition the 3 pieces
of material easier then if the fringe was already inside. Once that is repinned and in place, it is
ready for sewing. I am just going to do a straight stitch and
we are done. Now we have finished the first side of the
jogger. I am going to go ahead and release this thread
which is going to let the fringe hang lose. You want to keep that intact until you are
done working with the fringe because it helps you keep everything out of the way. I did open up the inside of the jogger seam
because I want that to kind of open up over the heel as well. So these are just style and design choices
so everything is up to you, obviously you don;t have to tatter the legging, you don’t
have to add the fringe, you don’t have to make the fringe white, ummmm everything is
up to you I just want to give you guys a lot of choices, so I’m going to go ahead and finish
the other side then I will show you what it looks like on. So I put these babies getting ready to showcase
them and the fringe is way too long. This is just fringe I had laying around, so
if you do this yourself use a 3 inch fringe. I went ahead and cut off half the length and
used some fabric paint and just drizzled it over the sweatpants and lightly dusted it
over the fringe for one more pass and now we are done! I like to buy my joggers a size up because
I like them oversized and then I like to style my joggers with a cute, sexy bodysuit and
then always with heels.You can also style joggers like this that are a little more dressy
with a blazer and that looks really stylish as well.

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