Best Gym Trap and Hip Hop Workout Music 2018 – Svet Fit Music

Best Gym Trap and Hip Hop Workout Music 2018 – Svet Fit Music

Svet Fit Music


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  • ALi Haasn says:

    always you best😍😍😍😍

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  • Svet Fit Music says:

    Subscribe if you already not and click 🔔for More Workout Music. Like if you're going beast mode, share for support! Be Fit! Tell me in comments below what you like about this mix 😜
    📢 Tracks:
    ➥0:00:00 Lil Jon ft. Three 6 Mafia – Act a Fool (Remix)
    ➥0:02:27 Eminem ft. Drake & Lil Wayne – Assassin's Creed
    ➥0:05:03 Night Lovell – RIP Trust
    ➥0:07:43 Lil Jon – Snap Yo Fingers ( Trap Remix)
    ➥0:11:35 2Pac – Makaveli Returns
    ➥0:15:02 Night Lovell – Still Cold
    ➥0:17:21 Eminem ft. 50 Cent – At Night
    ➥0:19:42 2Pac ft. Ice Cube – Guess who's Back!
    ➥0:22:46 2Pac ft. Daz, Big Pun & Tech N9ne – Cypher 4
    ➥0:25:22 Night Lovell – Off Air
    ➥0:27:47 Pac – Can't Stop Me
    ➥0:31:24 2Pac – Nothing's Gonna Stop The Plan (Part II)

  • TheMentorski says:

    The best one for 2K18 / so far /

  • Cameron Penguin says:

    90% of these guys are on steroids

  • jEmEr cHuA says:

    thanks for this bro… awsome i like it im doing my workout as it notify your new video timing hahahaha hope you can make 1hour video.. two thumbs up for this SVET FIT part of my daily workout music..

  • patrick hagertypatric says:

    This is so bad hahaha

  • Silveira Legend says:

    Pré-Treino💀💀💀 Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

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