Banana protein pancakes | Healthy breakfast ideas

Banana protein pancakes | Healthy breakfast ideas

Hi I’m Tim from Hiitworkouts. Today we’re
going to be making banana protein pancakes. The ingredients you’ll need for this recipe
are half a banana, two egg whites, 1 scoop of protein powder, 1/3 cup of oats, extra
water and cinnamon. Mix all of your ingredients in one bowl. Chop
and stir until all your clumps have dissolved into one mixture. Ok, so we have our delicious pancake batter
ready to go. And it’s time to get our pan geased up. So we’re going to use some Pam
nonstick spray. We’re going to spray our pan here. You fon’t have to get it perfect. Just
make sure it’s pretty coated. You’re going to turn your heat on your burner up. It’s
going to be just a hair past medium. So we’re going to allow that to get warm. OK our pan
is heated up here. We’re ready to get our pancakes in the pan. So what we’re going to
do. I’m going to make smaller pancakes. You can make these any size you want. It really
depends on your preference. Also, the consistency of your batter. I like to make these thick
because of the protein powder. It seems like if you make these too runny that they kind
of break apart in the pan. So you want to keep this fairly thick. As thick as you possibly
can. So I’m going to go ahead and get this in the pan. Using a spoon, dab your mixture in the pan
for desired size. Once you get the size that you want and as the pan heats up, you will
notice bubbles rising to the top. This is when you will flip. After flipping, you will
only need to approximately 30 seconds. First pancake is done. Just like the first, wait
until the bubbles rise and then flip. Ok, there you have it. Those are the finished
banana pancakes. And the only thing left to do is add whatever toppings you want. If you
got maple syrup, you can add that to it. If you want to add fruit toppings you could do
that as well. I hope you enjoyed this recipe. And I will
post all of the ingredients and the calorie information and the protein information below
this video. I hoped you liked it. If you did, please click on like and subscribe to our
Youtube channel at HiitWorkoutsTV. Thanks.


  • andreitanureyev says:

    Thank you for the recipe im going to try this tomorrow morning 🙂

  • Fresh Start With Joyce says:

    This video was cool! I make healthy comfort food on my new YouTube channel. I'd like it if you would check out some of my recipes and share any tips you might have for growing my community…Thanks! 🙂

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