Afterwork jogging with ‘Running Crew’ in Seoul

When the sun sets, around 100 of people of various backgrounds gather in the city for a run. We started this program to let people know how exciting running can be. (Also,) foreigners can participate easily through our Ghost application. This is why I think there are many foreigners participating. Not only young local workers, but also quite a lot of foreigners participate as well. The run through the city was awesome. There were a lot of people, and you know it is great to see all the sights in Gangnam. And it was just nice to get out of the woods and into the city, into different surroundings. (CrewGhost) It’s one of the most regular running groups in Korea. There are some other groups too, but this one is so big and well organized. So, I headed for Seocho Station with 98 runners. The attraction of the city run is that courses are unpredictable. Running through underground shopping areas of Gangnam Station to detour from crowded streets was a stunning event. Reporter: We’ve run 5 kilometers, right? Participant: Yep, yep. Reporter: Are you controlling your pace well? Participant: (average speed) It’s seven minutes and 54 seconds. I’m running easily. (What gets you running consistently?)
It alleviates stress. Normally, I don’t get a chance to walk these streets since I just pass by in the car. Running through them like this gives me a different perspective, which is so refreshing.

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