2 church members, gunman killed in West Freeway Church shooting

2 church members, gunman killed in West Freeway Church shooting


  • Accountable says:

    Yes, one place is safe, The library! Crazy people don't read.

  • In Vino Veritas says:

    That arm security is your guardian angel !

  • Angie Weston says:

    It makes me sick .. Always wants to prey on the best ppl

  • Tremaine Lawton says:

    All due respect it seems like everyone needs to have a firearm these days because you can't trust anyone

  • Jason Coulter says:

    The devil is seeking those whom he can devour. Those killed today at that congregation were in Christ and because they were in Christ, they will forever reside in heaven. If you are outside of Christ and want to be saved from your sin, read what the Bible says to do in Acts 2:38.

  • k. rich says:

    Heros. Sad that lives were lost tho. My condolences

  • Trog Martian says:

    This was not a Mass Shooting.

    It might have turned into one. But because we have a 2nd Amendment protecting our right to keep and bear arms and thanks to Texas removing churches from their Gun Free Zone law, private citizens were there today, armed, to ensure it did not become a Mass Shooting.

    Throughout most of American history, churches allowed parishioners to bring their personal firearms to church. It was perfectly natural. Only in recent history have firearms been expressly prohibited—and more church shootings has been the result. Today, we hopefully witnessed the end of an era of churches being ripe targets for those with evil in their hearts.

    Sanity, once again, prevails.

  • Brian Green says:

    Did the person in the hospitol die?

  • TheUgly Piña says:

    And now where are the CNN . MSNBC and all the crook media ?

  • truth and common sense warrior says:

    He was probably another farrakhan supporter, or some other ghetto cult member.

  • kwik2hear says:

    Chris Lawrence =Fake black news

  • MS Lake says:

    Isis just executed more christians in a "christmas" video …. and now this ! There's so much hatred against Christians that goes unrecognized… If you spend time in any social media ( twitter, fb, YT ), Anti-Christian hate is epidemic … especially among atheist groups ! You'll literally hear vile hateful comments that only psychopaths would say… So these hate crimes are no surprise because some actually acts on what they hear and see in these toxic environments!. There need to be tougher laws just like anti-semitism focused on protecting Christian population. Online trolls think they can get away with attacking Christians because they hv a larger population, but more sympathetic towards other religious groups as they are considered as "minority" groups … but in reality, these churchgoers are a minority ! Regardless these are domestic terror attacks fueled with anti-chritian hate … it should be dealt with better laws…online and offline both ! #Christianophia is real ! Enough is Enough !

  • sheila Cherry says:

    Sadden an the answer to you question it NO.

  • Priceless Game says:

    Billy it was a shootout at the Gadam Church, What Ethel

  • Rose Treiger says:

    Christian's are the most victimized religion in the world. Islam is a mental disorder.

  • Old Grumpy says:

    My gun in my pocket makes me feel safe I am so sorry the see this thing happen specially this place so close to my house

  • Vincent Beville says:

    Still can't get over the fact that the town was called 'White settlement.' I guess "white Jesus" didn't show up to save the "white settlers" today. This is the recompense revisited upon the descendants of those in Texas that murdered the indigenous people, stole their land, and also enslaved God's TRUE chosen people. The chickens came home to "roost."

  • Steven Haire says:

    Will CNN run this story…I'll wait

  • Tallacus says:

    Wearing a black hood and targeting Christians? Must be an ANTIFA member

  • trappy glizzy says:

    Sounds about white whites stay shooting shyte up not being racist it’s a fact

  • R1zzY _1 says:

    Thanks the second amendment

  • GB Richardson says:

    Our hearts and prayers are with you.

  • trinitdad says:

    Im litterlay watching this rn .

  • Klak Klak says:

    Legal Guns STOP Illegal Guns. THANK YOU, 2A.

  • Mark Williams says:

    Too graphic after all the violence in Hollywood movies? You people in the press are wimps!

  • ma,ma gee's gospel says:

    Welcome too the the Trump Era, Where Hatred and Violence runs Rampant ! 😳

  • Asar'el says:

    It`s just another normal day in amerikkka 😑..

  • geeksquad smarty says:

    The church's security team baptized him with bullets. Amen🙏

  • Devin Adair says:

    Assuming he's NOT black 😒 cause I haven't seen any photo plastered on every news channel. Smdh-

  • gwen coco says:

    I hope people have guns at my church.

  • gwen coco says:

    Oh please we've seen the whole video before you sensored it. Lol

  • qigung says:

    This looks totally staged and scripted. If you watch the full video (https://www.liveleak.com/view?t=9N4df_1577655564) the muzzle flashes don't match the firearms and look like they're firing blanks, or were inserted via Photoshop. Also, the security guard's semi-automatic makes the exact same sound as the suspect's shotgun. No way! A semiautomatic handgun and a shotgun make two distinctive and separate sounds when fired. It sounds as though the sound of the guns was edited into the footage. Plus, are we suppose to believe that a strange man that no one had ever seen before (according to witnesses/church members) and was giving so many people the creeps, dressed in a long trench coat with writing on the back and wearing a fake beard (according to witnesses/church members) aroused no suspicion…and no one told the security officer? Let alone that he was concealing a full-length shotgun under his coat! Also, if you watch the second church member that was shot he gets right back up after the suspect is "killed" even though he was shot at point blank range with a shotgun! This would not happen. He would immediately go into shock and have tremendous blood loss. But I suppose if it's reported by the mainstream media and government officials as real, and everyone else seems to believe it, then it must be true, right?! I guess it's also a coincidence that the name of this community just happens to be White Settlement?! LOL! Nice touch.

  • can you see me says:

    "fake beard" "fake sunglasses" 🤔 Hmmmm

  • Renn Bear says:

    Since there are no descriptions of the shooter, let’s wait and see.
    Edit: black shooter

  • ClockFixer 1964 says:

    Why haven't they identified the Democrap shooter?

  • MrTanGaming says:

    Why these reporters talk like that..it’s simple let us keep our guns period

  • David Hay says:

    This, is how you stop mass shootings !!!

  • justin bouy says:

    Why aren't they afraid to show this? But they were making a HUGE deal about the mosque shooting

  • Don Arsenault says:

    You won’t see this story on MSM. Especially CNN.

  • Matt Johnston says:

    You wont see this on any news media

  • horseman528 says:

    Who was the shooter?

  • dome ENT. firm says:

    Wow..all these staged events..nothing is real on the media..they orchestrated it all..look at the numbers involved in these incidents..numbers dnt lie but they do

  • Eddington J says:

    Transparency???? His race profile must be top secret information. No conclusion is drawn from repetitive shooting footage.

  • Crazy Cat Lady says:

    Frightening to wonder what shootings await us in 2020. So sorry for the church victims and their families!😔

  • King Bob says:

    Sad that in a red flag state (mine, MI) these men and women wouldn't be permitted to carry self defense weapons.

  • FiringallCylinders says:

    Stay strapped people

  • Kathleen Noehren says:

    Wiki says the town was offered the opportunity to change its name from White Settlement to something less provocative but rejected the idea. Texas.

  • ismael guillen says:


  • ismael guillen says:


  • John Daniels says:

    Thanks to the hero saving people from the registered democrat cultist gunman probably antifa funded by george soros and democrats its what they stand for

  • Bro Dude says:

    Crazy how this hero gets no attention for being armed and stopping a mass shooting huh? But if those men didn’t have their firearms and that guy massacred people the media would run it non stop for a week and preach how bad guns are. Smh.

  • Jet Brown says:

    how many gunshots in Texas this year? Any number?

  • Jimmy Guzman says:

    The first one to get shot was a slow draw, he almost saved his own life and the life of the other parishioner. Sad.

  • Derek says:

    I don't like how the media treats people like they are idiots. Obviously the video is gut wrenching but it isn't graphic, there is no blood.

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